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He Lost His Father And Brother In A Year, Now He Fears Losing His Newborn Too

For Nand and Rubi, the past year has been full of struggles. His father passed away last year and just when they were dealing with this loss, his brother too fell majorly ill. Despite spending over 4 lakhs on his younger brother’s treatment, they lost him to kidney failure. Now his newborn baby might suffer the same fate if not treated urgently.

Rubi’s newborn baby is pre-term due to which he has been in the NICU since birth. Within a few days, he contracted pneumonia and has been on ventilator support since then. Due to severe infections none of the high-grade antibiotics are working for him. If they cannot afford the treatment costing Rs.4.5 lakhs they might never be able to take their baby home.

Mounting medical expenses have left Nand with no moral or financial support

Nand and Rubi were able to fend well for themselves with an income Rs.15,000 from their grocery shop until illness struck his family members. 

“I had to sell off my small piece of land and my village grocery shop to pay off the debts I had taken for my brother’s dialysis. His kidneys had failed at such a young age and since then we have spent everything we had on his treatment. He passed away at only 30. Over the last year, our condition has been such that we are living on a bare minimum just to be able to have food twice a day.”
 - Nand Kumar, father

The happiness of becoming a mother came with its own fears for Rubi

"When I found out I was pregnant, instead of being overjoyed, I got scared. We are already under a lot of debt, so how will we take care of this innocent life? After losing his father and brother, my husband has no support. On some days we have to send our son, Naman, to my parent's house when we don't have the money to eat food that day. Just when I thought we have already seen the worst, now my tiny baby is fighting for every breath."
- Rubi, mother

Only fear stopped Nand from selling his house - his wife and kid will have nowhere to go

"Even after having me, they will be homeless. They never complain but I can see it in their eyes when they go to sleep with empty stomachs. If selling my house is the only way out to save my baby, I will do it. He is the happiness that has entered our lives after so long and now if we lose him too, we will not be able to handle this grief."
- Nand Kumar, father 

Rubi and Nand with their elder son Naman

Nand will have to go back to his village to arrange for something. Now Rubi and Nand just sit outside the hospital stairs the whole day waiting for one good news from the doctor. But even they know their plight will not end till they can get the money for their baby's surgery. Over a month, Nand has not been able to go back to work as Rubi had just delivered and needs him by her side. Their elder son is with Rubi's parents waiting to see his baby brother. You can help end their woes by a little contribution from your side as this will mean the world to Rubi and Nand.

Patient Baby of Rubi Mishra is 1 month old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Kheya Ghosh in Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving NICU treatment for Breathing Problem

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