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Poor Tailor Cannot Afford His 1-Year-Old Baby's Heart Surgery, He Needs Your Help

“My baby girl was just 3 months old, tiny and underweight for her age, when her health problems started. She used to cry relentlessly and her feet used to turn cold and damp. At first, we didn’t think it was anything to worry about. But as days passed, her body turned pale. That scared us. We immediately took her to a nearby clinic for checkup.” – Ramiza Sadham, Mother

2 major surgeries done, 1 open-heart surgery remains

Ramiza's baby, Tahani, is just a year old now. But she has already faced so much pain and suffering - more than what even an adult can bear. After several tests, she was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal defect as a result of multiple heart dysfunctions. The doctors performed 2 major surgeries when she was 3 months old. They were asked to wait until Tahani was a year old before she could undergo another surgery. Now, the little girl's heart cannot hold on any longer.

I am failing at saving my daughter

 “She is just a baby, why does she have to suffer so much? I feel so helpless and guilty. I need to save her! It’s my responsibility but I don’t know if I can... I work as a tailor in a small garment factory with a meagre income of 3,000 Rupees a month. Medicines alone cost me 1000 Rupees a week. I had arranged the amount for the previous surgeries with so much difficulty by begging and borrowing. In this state, how can I afford another surgery that costs INR 8 Lakhs?” – Sadham, Father

I can't see her suffering like this

“She sometimes holds her left hand and cries loudly, and other times her right leg. I think it’s her way of showing us that her hand and leg are hurting. She is unable to even drink milk or digest her food. Her motions are irregular, once in 4 days. She is in so much pain, it hurts me just to watch her cry...” - Ramiza, unable to hold back her tears.

Ramiza's baby is in critical condition. Her heart cannot function normally without undergoing this last surgery at the earliest. Please come forward to save baby Tahani's life. Click here to donate!
Patient Baby Of Ramiza Sadham is 1 year old, living in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in PSG Hospitals, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Atrial septal defect, Aortic valve stenosis

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