Punjabi Farmer Struggles To Save His Newborn Who Hasn't Had A Single Drop Of Milk Since Birth | Milaap
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Punjabi Farmer Struggles To Save His Newborn Who Hasn't Had A Single Drop Of Milk Since Birth

“We had been waiting eagerly for our baby's birth but we were told that we can't hold him. He was unable to breathe and needed immediate ICU care. I took him to Delhi while my wife was sent home to heal from the C-section stitches. It was only after 10 days that she finally saw his face again but he was covered in tubes, struggling to breathe. He is 25 days old now but hasn’t had a single drop of milk, he is only surviving on IV fluids,” - Gurvinder, father of the 25-day-old baby boy

His stomach is swelling to the size of a football

Rajdeep and Gurvinder’s baby boy has underdeveloped lungs and needs ventilator support to breathe. His intestines are also not developed and the baby can’t poop. His stomach is swelling like a football and he needs a surgery at the earliest.


“The only thing my baby is surviving on is IV fluids. The doctors have told that even a single drop of milk can be dangerous to him because he can’t digest that. ” 

For the last month, we have been sleeping on the chairs of the hospital

Gurvinder and Rajdeep come from a small village in Uttarakhand and they have no relatives in Delhi. For almost a month, they have been sleeping on the waiting hall chairs - that has been their home now. 

“Every day, we are allowed to see the baby only twice - that too for just a few minutes. It is painful to see him lying down all covered in tubes.” 

We are a middle-class family, how can we afford his treatment

The doctors have told the parents that their baby boy needs to be in the NICU for 6 weeks in the least. Rajdeep and Gurvinder have already spent over 3 lakhs and they need about 10 lakhs more. They are planning to sell their only piece of land but even then they won't be able to arrange for such a huge amount. 

 Rajdeep with her elder daughter, Rukmani

“I am a farmer and own a small piece of land. I have a decent income during every harvest. My wife is a primary school teacher and earns Rs 7000 per month. Together we have been trying very hard to give our daughter (3.5 years) the best life. We had similar plans for our baby boy. But it looks like God is testing us. We both desperately want to bring him home safe, please help us,” - Gurvinder, father.

Rajdeep and Gurvinder are struggling to save their baby boy. They have not had a proper single night's sleep, all they think about is to afford their baby's treatment. A generous contribution from your side can help these parents.

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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