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This Baby Developed Cancer A Week Before Her Birth

Radha and Vijay welcomed two precious twin daughters but with a heavy heart. One of their babies has a cancerous tumour in her liver and needs to undergo rigorous treatment. Unfortunately, she has developed seizures and her parents need help to save her. 

Nothing prepares parents to hear that their first baby has cancer

Vijay Kumar runs a small Internet browsing centre in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Every month, he manages to earns between Rs 10,000-20,000. Coming from nothing, he considered himself moderately successful. He had saved up Rs 1 lakh for the childbirth and had even planned how he would fund the kids' higher education. 

Vijay and Radha's twin daughters

But in the ninth month of pregnancy, Vijay and Radha were told that one of their babies had a lump in its liver. A C-section was performed and the babies were born on April 21. Soon after birth, she underwent a biopsy and her tumour was found to be malignant. She had to start on chemotherapy right away. 

“We did everything right – took all precautions. But this cancer affects one in a million people and my daughter happened to be the unlucky one to have this condition. We had so many dreams and plans for their education. Now, I just want her to live long enough to laugh and feel happy,”he says.

Her baby's good response to chemotherapy has given Radha hope and helped her own recovery from the surgery

The baby has already undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy. Her body has taken well to the treatment that healthy people have difficulty managing. After the chemotherapy she was supposed to get the tumour removed surgically. The baby's treatment hit a roadblock when she started having seizures. 

“To see your 2-month-old baby have seizures is a painful, scary thing” 

Last week, the baby developed seizures in the night and was rushed to the hospital. She was admitted in the NICU. Turned out the seizures were not serious but she was kept under observation. Vijay Kumar has spent all the money he had saved up on her treatment and had to take a loan to pay enough to keep the treatment going. 

This baby is a fighter and despite her seizures, her condition has stabilised and she can get better

“Radha is still recovering from the surgery and used to cry for the baby every day. It really affected her health and everyone was so worried for her. But the doctor tells us that our baby is strong and she can get better. That helped Radha too,” Vijay says. 

While Radha and Vijay are thankful that their second daughter is healthy – they worry about their baby battling cancer all the time. It'll be another five years before they can stop worrying when she can be completely cancer free.

Vijay is waiting for the day his daughter emerges cancer free

This baby needs your help to make it

Right now, Radha's baby needs a lot of care and Vijay has not opened shop in the last one month. This has affected their income and the family is worried sick about funds. Vijay has already spent over 4 lakhs on the treatment and needs another 8 lakhs to make sure his baby finishes treatment. 

Vijay and Radha desperately need your help saving their baby from this deadly disease. Contribute now. 

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