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Mentally Disadvantaged Father Struggles To Save His Premature Baby On Zero Income

Govind, the baby’s father, can’t manage to answer a phone call  because his of mental disability. He struggles to perform, even the basic functions normally. Padma, his wife, is at the hospital recovering from a C-section and the baby is battling for life” - Suresh, Govind’s brother.
Padma and Govind's baby was born prematurely. The baby is fighting respiratory distress. While, Padma is still recovering from the surgery, Govind is unable to handle things on his own, owing to his mental condition. His brother, appeals for help to save this baby boy.

Labored breathing and fatigue were the only symptoms apparent at birth. The baby did not cry and had to be rushed to another hospital. little did they know that baby couldn't breathe without life support. While all this was happening, Padma was unconscious and Govind could not respond, even if he could recognize that something was wrong with his baby.

10 days after birth, Govind and Padma’s baby is surviving on life support.

Immediately after birth, the baby had to be rushed to another hospital and following a thorough examination of the condition, he was diagnosed with acute respiratory defect and sepsis. The baby's lungs are underdeveloped and he also has an acute bacterial bloodstream infection.

Mother, who’s recovering from the surgery, hasn’t seen her baby

While Padma was unconscious after the delivery procedure, Suresh was shuttling between hospitals to ensure his sister-in-law’s recovery and the baby’s treatment would continue to be hurdle free. Padma has been emotionally devastated because she could not get to see her son.

“Suresh has been running from to pole to post to keep the family’s hopes afloat. Painting houses, he earns 300 Rs day and every family member is neck deep in debt. Now, where can he get the 5 Lakhs, we need to save our son?” - Padma, baby's mother

Poverty has ravaged family’s hopes

While the life of the baby is at stake, it is a daunting task for the family to even think of buying food. In such daunting times, debt is wrecking their already sinking hope of saving their child. All this, as the baby’s sister, Niharika, too, suffers from ill health in the form of repeated fever and hospital visits.

How you can help

Life support has kept death away from this 6-day-old baby. The treatment needs to go on for at least 3 weeks if the boy is to have any chance of recovery. Unemployed and devastated, Govind needs 4.8 lakhs to fund prolonged ICU stay and save his son’s life. His brother is currently asking for help from everyone possible to save this little one.
Your support can save Padma's 6-day-old son

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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