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These Parents Want To Gift A Normal Childhood To Their 1-Year-Old, You Can Help Them

Baby of Niharika and Rahul was just 6 days old when he underwent a major surgery. But it wasn’t the end for the little boy’s sufferings. He needed another surgery to get permanently cured but the baby was underweight and so it got delayed.

“I couldn’t watch him having so many medicines and injections. Before my baby could even open his eyes completely,he had to go through a painful surgery. He was just 6 days old.”- Niharika

Niharika's baby has a condition due to which, he cannot pass stool the normal way, therefore, the first surgery (colostomy) was done.  The baby has HIrschprung disease - a congenital condition where the large intestine can't pass stool normally.  The pinkish red blotch that you can see on the baby's lower left side of the stomach is called stoma. For 1 year this baby boy had to pass his stool through this stoma. Now he has gained enough weight to undergo surgery that can fix his problem. 

He sometimes itches till it bleeds 

After the first surgery, for 1 entire year, little Vinayak had to endure a lot- the pain in his abdomen, uncomfortable dressing around his belly all the time and a lot of restrictions on how he should move around. Just imagine a little baby who is growing every day and not able to crawl, walk and play like other babies...

“It itches a lot and he keeps scratching it. Sometimes when we are not around he scratches so much that it bleeds. So we constantly have to look after him. I don’t know how long my poor boy has to suffer like this.”- Niharika. 

A father should protect his child but I am unable to...

Rahul belongs to a very poor family and with a lot of hard work, he is finally going to be a dental surgeon soon. To take care of his family, he works part-time in a medical shop. Though what he earns is little, his family never complained. What they lacked in money, they covered up in love. But now his son needs a surgery to lead a normal life and he is unable to afford it. 

“We call him Vinayak now, he smiles whenever I call him. But my heart breaks when he cries because of pain. I want it to end as soon as possible,”- Rahul

Rahul and Niharika did everything they could. They saved every penny they could in this one year but it is not enough. The treatment will cost them 5 lakhs and they are losing hope.

Your help can save this little boy from pain and help him lead a normal life. He could play and do mischieves around the house like other kids. The parents want their baby boy to smile and you small contribution can make a difference in their lives.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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