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Few More Weeks In ICU Can Save This Premature Baby But His Parents Can’t Afford It

"Watching him struggle to breathe is so painful, he vomits even the 2 ml milk given to him. Injections, medicines and so many machines... I just want to take him home. Last week his stomach started to swell and doctors said he has an infection. My child has not even opened his eyes properly and has to go through so much. I wish I could do anything for my baby," - Mounika, mother.

Baby of Mounika was prematurely born at 26 weeks due to complications and is in a critical condition right now. The baby needs to be in constant observation and ventilator support in NICU  for 2 months but the parents can't afford the treatment cost.

I was ready to risk my life for my baby - I just wanted him safe

I went for the regular checkup and I was so happy that I could see my baby, even if it's in the screen. But when the reports came in, the doctor said that they have to operate the baby as soon as possible or else he might not survive. All I thought was that nothing should happen to my child.I was ready to risk my own life even...”- Mounika.

I don’t want to leave him but I have to go back to work 

I have to spend almost Rs 50,000 a day for my son. How can I afford it? I don’t have savings or land or anything to rely on. What should I do?”- Venu, father. 

Venu works as a teacher in a small town and lives in a rented house. His earnings are barely enough for a family of 4. He could only arrange Rs 2-3 lakhs but it is not enough to save his son.

His sisters are waiting to meet him but I don't know if I can save him

Venu and Mounika have two daughters of 6 and 4 years. Both of them have started going to school and stay at their grandparents house as of now. They are eager to meet their baby brother while he struggles for his life in NICU.

“They sometime come and visit me at the hospital and ask when they can see the baby and when will I come home. All I can tell them is that their brother is not well and we will be home soon. But I don’t know if we can save our child. 12 lakhs is... we really can't"- Venu. 

Your kind contribution can save this baby and help his family take him home safe and happily

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The The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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