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Poor Weaver Struggles To Save Newborn Who Is Fighting For His Life In The ICU

“I am a weaver who lives and works in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai. My family stays back in our village in Bihar as I cannot afford to let them stay with me. I am the sole breadwinner of my family and do not even eat two square meals a day in order to send money back home. My life was already difficult, but now it has become even more so – my newborn baby is in the ICU and is struggling to stay alive, but I do not have the means to save him,”-Naushad, father.

‘We were having quality time as a family…who knew it would end in tears?’

A fully pregnant Mosarrat Fathima and the couple’s two children – 6-year-old Modassir and 3-year-old Athiya had come to Mumbai recently as it had been a while since they met Naushad. Naushad stays in a small room in Dharavi that is just enough for one person, but the lack of comfort did not stop this family from spending quality time together. Everything was going well until Fathima started experiencing pain in her belly. From then, things went downhill – her pain got worse and she started leaking amniotic fluid. She had to be rushed from a small clinic in Dharavi to a super-specialty hospital in the dead of the night.

“Our baby boy was delivered by C-section immediately, but he could not breathe. Doctors said he had ingested his first stools and that he was in a critical state. He was rushed to the ICU, where he is struggling to live presently. My wife is still recovering from the surgery and is always crying as she is worried our baby might not survive.  He needs prolonged treatment, but I don’t have enough money for that,”-Naushad.

With irregular income and no savings, this father cannot save his baby

Naushad does embroidery designs on textiles and is able to earn up to Rs 500 when work is available. However, in this line, one cannot find work at all times. Therefore, he is able to earn less than Rs 12,000 per month. His room rent comes up to Rs 6,000 per month and he had to divide the rest between spending for personal expenses and sending money home. He never had any savings as a result. Now, he is facing a medical emergency and cannot afford to pay his son’s mounting hospital bills.

“I had just put aside Rs 5000 for my wife’s delivery, never expecting complications. But now I need Rs 2 lakhs to save my baby’s life. Please help me,”-Naushad.

With your kind contribution, this father can save his newborn baby boy and take him home – healthy and happy

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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