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This Premature Baby’s Organs Will Collapse, If Her Parents Fail To Keep Her In The NICU

"At first when I heard my baby girl had come into this world, my happiness knew no bounds. I was waiting outside the Operation Theatre to hold my baby in my arms but instead they rushed her to the NICU. She looked so weak and tiny while they were taking her away. The joy of becoming a father made me forget that Manju had 2 more months left to could she be in labour so early? ."- Jothiraj, father

Manju's baby came prematurely this month weighing hardly a kilogram. Her lungs and intestines have still not developed completely, making this newborn fight for her life every single day. She is under a lot of respiratory distress and her oxygen levels keep plummeting. All this is putting too much strain on her other organs to work as well.

She is losing weight drastically and can't breathe on her own

It's been a month now that these new parents wait outside NICU the whole day, just to catch a glimpse of their baby even if it's for merely a few seconds. Last day, when they saw some parents carrying their babies back home after recovery, it instilled hope in Manju and Jothiraj that with NICU care even their baby will be healthy soon. But that is now possible only if they can arrange 8 lakhs in the next few days.

"My baby still cannot breathe on her own without external support because her lungs are yet to develop. Not being able to take feed has drastically reduced my baby's weight to just 300 grams. Now, if I fail to get 8 lakhs to keep her in the NICU, then her organs can collapse anytime..."- Jothiraj, father 

Right after her birth, she was put on ventilatory support

With an extremely low birth weight, her intestines are still not functional and she has been kept on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) in an attempt to help her grow. This will go on for a month till the baby is ready to accept oral feed.

"I had no idea that I was going into labour until the doctor asked me to immediately get admitted. After delivering, I was not in my complete senses but I panicked when I couldn't hear her cries. I was trembling with fear until I became unconscious. I woke up to see my poor baby with so many wires attached to her tiny body on ventilator."- Manju, mother

This construction worker can barely afford her daughter's daily NICU expenses

Till now, these parents were managing with the savings and loans they had taken for their baby's treatment. Jothiraj does welding work at construction sites and has not been able to go for work since last month. The medical bills have been mounting up but they have no source of income left anymore.

With constant care and treatment, the baby's weight will increase and she will show significant improvement. Jothiraj and Manju are desperately praying for their newborn baby to recover and trying their best to meet her daily NICU expenses but without our help, these parents will lose their baby girl.

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Patient Baby of Manju is 18 days old, living in Bhavani, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in GRB NewBorn Care Centre, Erode

Receiving NICU Care treatment for NICU

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