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Carpenter Who Has Seen Newborn For Only 10 Minutes Since Birth Is Struggling To Save Him

Two days ago, Manisha held her baby boy in her arms for the first time since his birth nearly 1 month back. This could have been a celebration, unfortunately, the baby is still on oxygen support in the NICU. While Manisha is with the baby in the hospital, her husband, Shyam is miles away in Mumbai toiling away to ensure that their baby’s treatment is not stopped.

“He saw our baby only for a few minutes. He had to go back to work in Mumbai immediately because we had no other way to start our baby’s treatment. – Manisha, mother

Manisha’s baby was taken miles away from her soon after his birth

Manisha and Shyam’s baby was born full term, healthy. He even cried at birth and for the first few minutes, Manisha was relieved and happy. All she wanted was to hold her baby. Unfortunately, in the next 10 minutes, the baby boy started struggling to breathe. They soon found out he has a severe lung disease.

“They had to take him from our village to a better hospital in Jaipur for treatment. I couldn’t go with him because I was still weak after the delivery and my husband was in Mumbai. My husband’s brother went along with our baby. For two days all they told me was that he needs medicines. It was only when I went to Jaipur did I realise how serious his condition is.

When Manisha saw her baby for the first time, she broke down. Shyam was on his way from Mumbai and she was worried how she would take care of everything on her own. Shyam’s brother Narendra has tried to help them as much as possible, but it’s not enough.

Manisha and Shyam's younger brother in the NICU

Shyam is working overtime to continue the treatment, but they are still falling short

After being on and off ventilator support for 17 days, their baby’s condition has now stabilized. He is now on oxygen support. However, he needs to stay in the NICU for at least one more week to survive. Shyam works as a carpenter in Mumbai and earns Rs. 11,000 per month.

“When I heard that my baby’s life is in danger, I rushed to Jaipur. But I could stay for only one day. I had to come back to work because I knew the medical expenses are more than I can afford. I’m taking on extra work whenever I can now, but I still don’t have enough to continue his treatment. I wish I could be with my wife and baby,” – Shyam, father

Manisha and Shyam have spent nearly 4 lakhs till now after borrowing from relatives. Their baby needs to stay in the NICU for one more week to survive. He is slowly making progress, but he can be completely cured with your help.

All Manisha and Shyam want is to see their baby grow up and live a healthy life. In a time when they have lost hope, you can help bring light to their lives – you can save their baby.

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