Chennai Driver Struggles To Save Baby Who Had A Cardiac Arrest Within Seconds Of Her Birth | Milaap
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Chennai Driver Struggles To Save Baby Who Had A Cardiac Arrest Within Seconds Of Her Birth

“Right after the nurse said ‘Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a baby girl’, I heard my wife scream. I ran to the delivery room to see that my baby had turned blue in color and looked like she was choking. They told me to rush her to a private hospital soon or that she wouldn’t survive beyond a day,”-Nadarajan, father

Their 5-day-old baby girl was diagnosed with a condition where there is a switching of arteries and valves in the heart. She has very low levels of oxygen in her body and is very critical and living on borrowed time.  

The baby had not even opened her eyes properly before she was whisked away in the ambulance

Nadarajan and Mamtha’s baby girl was born in a government hospital in Padi, Chennai via emergency C-section. Mamtha had been experiencing pain and discomfort the previous day, so the couple had gone to the hospital for a check-up, not knowing that she would have to give birth immediately due to premature leakage of amniotic fluid. However, neither Mamtha nor Nadarajan could hold or take a good look at the baby, before she started becoming breathless. Nadarajan acted fast and took her to Apollo Children’s hospital in an ambulance. Mamtha has not been able to meet her baby girl ever since, as she is also in recovery after surgery.

“All along the way, I just prayed that she doesn’t die. I had been waiting for 9 months to hold her, kiss her little arms and legs, I didn’t want to lose her at any cost,”-Nadarajan

With his wife and baby both suffering, this father is going through intense emotional turmoil

Nadarajan and Mamtha have never stayed apart for more than a few hours. But now, Mamtha is recovering after her complicated surgery and has stayed back at the government hospital while Nadarajan waits outside the NICU ward of Apollo where his baby is currently on temporary oxygen support. They cannot even share their grief with each other.

“I have not slept or ate in the last few days since her birth. How can I? My baby’s face is covered with so many tubes and it hurts me just looking at her from a distance now; I don’t even have the strength to ask the nurse if she will make it,”-Nadarajan

This little fighter can undergo a life-saving surgery with your help

Nadarajan and Mamtha’s baby girl can only survive with an urgent open heart surgery. Nadarajan is a poor driver who earns barely Rs 400 a day – that also only when work is available. He has not been able to go for work in the past few days and is struggling to pay pending hospital bills. The surgery is completely beyond his reach.

With your kind contribution, this baby can become healthy

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