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He Was Born To Them After 16 Years Of Prayers, But Now He's Struggling To Survive

“16 years! After 16 years of wait, finally, I became a mother. But one of my twin babies died the day before yesterday and... and the other is at the verge of death now. What have we done to deserve this? What have they done?” - Latha, mother

Twins born at just 24 weeks

These parents tried for several years to have a baby, but nothing worked. This year, they were blessed with twins, but Latha gave birth to them in an extremely premature state at just 24 weeks. Both the babies were admitted in the hospital with extremely low birth weight, fighting for their lives. But unfortunately, one of them couldn’t make it and died just within 10 days of birth while the other is struggling each day to survive.

“He has bandages and wires all over him, it’s difficult to even see his face. He doesn’t open his eyes nor does he move. I haven’t even taken him into my arms or hugged him yet. I just want to but... is it my fault? Did I not eat properly or... Why? Why is this happening to us?”

They can't afford to lose the baby, but they can't afford the cure either

The baby needs NICU care for at least 10 more weeks but the parents can’t afford it anymore. They work as daily wage farmers and live from hand to mouth. To save their babies, they sold even the little piece of land they owned. 10 lakhs is way beyond their means and they are devastated at the thought that they might lose their second baby too.

“I am hundreds of kilometers away from my village, I can’t go back to work. Even if I do, what will I even earn? What will that 200 rupees even do when the bill for each day is in thousand? If I lose this child too, there is no point for us to live... Whom will we live for?” - Venugopal

Their whole world is crashing down. They were so excited to have children of their own but they never imagined it would be like this. This baby is their only hope. These daily-wagers can’t save their baby alone, they need your help. Click here to help.
Patient Baby of Latha is 2 months old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Dinesh Kumar in RAINBOW CHILDREN HOSPITAL, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Extreme Pre-term

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