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She Gave Birth Despite A Danger To Her Life, And Today She Struggles To Save Her Baby Boy

"I am told to wear the mask whenever I am near him. The germs from my breath could infect him. He is so delicate that I cannot even hold him. Sometimes, I cannot stop myself from holding his hand. Then I get scared that his condition will get worse because of that touch. He was born early, he does not have to die because if it." - Kumudha (mother)

"The doctor said that this pregnancy could affect my heart"

Kumudha lives with a heart condition. She could not accept it when her doctor advised against conceiving a child. It could have killed her. Yet, her desire to bring a child into this world was so strong that it gave her strength through the pregnancy. Unfortunately, her condition worsened during the 6th month of the pregnancy.

I needed an emergency C-section on 6th June. He was born very premature. The chances for him to survive are low, but we are determined to help him. I am a heart patient myself since 2008, my husband is still doing his PhD. Neither of us is employed. My parents took care of my medical expenses so far. There is nothing I am able to do to stop my son's suffering. I don't want to lose him." - Kumudha

"Machines are helping him stay alive"

Kumudha's son has respiratory distress syndrome. He also suffers from extremely low birth weight. If only he had spent a few more weeks in his mother's womb, he would have been strong enough to fight. Currently, he is so weak that any infection can be fatal. He is in the ICU on oxygen support.

“This room is dark because his eyes are sensitive. I keep hearing beeping noises from all the machines aroung me. Machines help him breathe. It tells me that he is alive. It tells me whether he has a fever or not, whether his heart is beating fine. He cannot even cry to say he is in pain." - Kumudha

They need help to take their baby home alive

Paramaguru is still studying. His stipend is not even enough to pay the house bills. He depends on his parents and in-laws to support himself and his wife. The cost to keep their baby alive is approximately Rs. 11.7 lakhs. He cannot afford this.

Your support can help Kumudha and Paramaguru keep their child alive. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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