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Earning Rs.300 A Day Is Not Enough To Stop My 5-Month-Old's Suffering

"All of a sudden, she would start getting seizures and her eyes would roll up. Whenever milk used to gush out of her mouth, it was not her usual throwing up but something far worse. It was only when she was taken into the ICU that we found out all this while, my poor baby has been fighting a deadly infection. It's been a month now and this infection has reached her brain so quickly that it causing her to have severe fits." - Mouni, mother  

Komal, barely 5 months old, was rushed to the hospital a month ago when her vomiting wasn't coming under control. Her parents, Mouni and Inderjit, were expecting a regular diagnosis, something that all babies normally face, like diarrhea or flu-related issues. Instead, what came forth was something they were absolutely unprepared for.

A severe infection has put this baby at a high risk of multiorgan failure

Baby Komal has severe sepsis in her body due to which her blood counts keep dropping dangerously low and she often vomits out blood. Her acute anemia even led her toward congestive heart failure because her heart was not getting enough blood to pump throughout her body. With timely blood transfusions, her heart condition gradually improved, but things didn't just stop here.

The infection soon started spreading to other organs of her body, and currently, baby Komal is at a very high risk of multiorgan failure. Respiratory distress has put immense pressure on her lungs too, making her gasp for air a lot of times throughout the day.

Under critical care, this baby needs constant monitoring to survive

"Every day her medical reports would kill all my hopes of taking my baby home soon. Hearing about some or the other damage to her organs, from her heart, lungs to her liver and kidneys as well, would just crush me. It feels like this infection is not sparing any part of my poor baby. It has already caused so much inflammation in her brain and spinal cord that now, it pains me to see my little one bound to all these wires for more than a month." - Mouni, mother

Only consistent ICU care can prevent this infection from causing permanent neurological damage to baby Komal's brain. But this is what is scaring Inderjit now, as he is helpless. Being an autorickshaw driver, he cannot pay off INR 17 lakhs of medical bills for his little baby.

Unable to foot his baby's medical expenses, this autorickshaw driver is devastated

"We had built so many dreams for our baby's future, but all of it changed in a flash. I feel so dejected when I have to leave her and go for my duty because even though I'm physically away from her, my mind constantly keeps worrying about losing her any moment. Now, I dread her condition will only worsen from here, if I don't arrange 17 lakh rupees soon." - Inderjit, father

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Patient Baby of Komal is 5 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Swastik Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

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