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Pre-Term Baby Suffering From Multiple Issues Since Birth Needs Continued NICU Care

“I can see him every day from 11 am to 6 pm only. As a new mother, I long to hold him all day in my arms and cuddle him, but tubes and glass panels come between us. I haven’t even been able to feed him properly – they give him milk through tubes. I haven’t even seen his face properly since his birth.” - Jhanavi, mother.

Jhanavi was in her 7th month of pregnancy when her blood pressure shot up unexpectedly. She experienced headaches and dizziness and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her baby boy was born two months before his expected date of birth, on 29th March, 2022. While Jhanavi and her husband thanked the heavens for no complications during delivery, they were soon told that their baby had to be shifted to the neonatal ICU.

‘He has multiple problems…it is a miracle that he is still holding on’

Apart from having low birth weight (800 grams), Jhanavi’s baby boy also had underdeveloped lungs – which meant that he could not breathe on his own. He has been on CPAP since day one, and is undergoing oxygen therapy too. He has jaundice, due to which his eyes and skin are yellow. Additionally, he also suffers from lung infection and a blood infection (sepsis) threatens to shut his organs down.

“My little boy is a fighter. He is fighting one illness after the other since birth, but he is holding on like a warrior. I know that he is meant to win greater battles in life. I just want him to be alright soon so that he can come home with us.” - Jhanavi

This father lost his job while caring for his wife and baby, he needs your help

At the time of delivery, doctors estimated that the baby would need only 6 to 8 weeks of NICU stay. But his condition is not stable yet, and he still requires a few more weeks of ICU stay and supportive care. The baby’s father, Suresh, used to work as a driver and had regular work before his wife’s unexpected delivery. After that, he completely immersed himself in taking care of his recovering wife and ill child – hence losing days of work.

“They fired me as I could not go regularly to work. What can I do? I had to prioritise my family, and I did that. Now I get work very irregularly. I have huge hospital bills to pay, but no way to do it. My savings have been wiped out completely by this emergency. Please help me.” – Suresh, father.

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Patient Baby Of Janhavi is 2 months old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Surya Hospital, Mumbai

Receiving treatment for Neonatal ICU

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