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After 12 Years Of Wait They Had Their Little Miracle, But They Might Lose Her Now

Abdul Nazir and Firdose Begum only ever had one wish - to be parents. In late 2020, they learned that they would soon have a baby to call their own - after a wait of almost 12 years of marriage. But neither of them knew that a cloud of despair was looming over them, threatening to take their happiness away.

Their baby girl was born prematurely, far too small and weak to survive on her own. She has spent every moment since her birth fighting for her life and needs to remain in the NICU for 2 more months to recover. Her parents have been doing all they can, but without the money to afford her treatment, they are struggling to save her.

Their baby was born through emergency c-section

During a difficult time brought about by the pandemic, the news of Firdose’s pregnancy became a beacon of hope for the couple. But in March this year, about 4 months away from her due date, Firdose started feeling severe pains in her belly. Her obstetrician asked that she remain on bed rest, but a month later, the pain only intensified.

“I cannot tell you the fear that coursed through me at that moment. I was terrified of losing our baby, but I was also afraid I might lose my wife. Her monthly scans came out normal, so I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I took her to the hospital immediately. The doctor told us that the baby was at extreme risk, and needed to be delivered through emergency c-section. Our baby girl was born at just 6 months, weighing only 640 grams and couldn’t breathe without mechanical support.” - Abdul Nazir, father

They have suffered the loss of a child before

“When the doctor mentioned an emergency c-section, I felt my heart drop. I had a weird and disturbing sense of deja vu, thinking back to early 2020. My wife had been pregnant at the time and around the 4th month, we learned that the baby hadn’t survived. She had to undergo an abortion. We have already lost a baby before, and we couldn’t bear to lose another.”

This mother waits for the day she can hold her baby in her arms

“For weeks after I had given birth, I was asked to remain on bed rest to recuperate. When I finally got to meet my baby, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was overwhelmed with happiness that she was here, but she was so small and fragile, struggling to even breathe. It pains me to see her connected to all these tubes and machines. I haven’t been able to be with her as often as I  wanted because of the lockdown, but I long to be able to carry her in my arms and take her back home with us.” - Firdose, mother

Their baby is showing signs of improvement and needs to remain in NICU

Over the course of the past few months, Nazir and Firdose’s baby girl has been responding well to treatment. She is no longer critical and her weight has increased to 1.7 kilograms.

The doctors have told us that according to her rate of recovery, we should be able to take her home in about 2 months. She needs to remain in the NICU, but her treatment will cost INR 20 lakh, which is such a huge amount to afford. I own a small chicken stall, and barely make enough to sustain my family. So far, I have managed to pay for the hospital expenses from my savings, selling our valuables and taking loans. I just want to save our baby, but I have nothing left now.” - Nazir

Nazir and Firdose have dreamed of being parents for so long. They finally have their baby, but she is fighting for her life. Only with your help will she be able to recover. You can give this couple their healthy baby, so they can finally become a family. Click here to donate.
Patient Baby of Firdose Begum is 2 months old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Medicover Hospital for Women & Children, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Preterm baby

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