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This Mother Lost Her Baby To A Terrible Disease, Now She Is Battling To Save Her Second Baby

5-month-old baby of Divya has Severe Combined Immune Deficiency - a condition where a baby is very vulnerable to dangerous infections. Divya has already lost one child to the same disease. The only cure is a bone marrow transplant. If not treated in time, the condition will turn fatal. Divya is struggling to arrange for the funds to save her baby.

Baby developed cough, fever and was diagnosed to have Immune Deficiency 

Divya and Siddharaju have a hard life full of loss and poverty. When they learnt that they would have a baby - they finally felt some hope - their lives could be happy too. Unfortunately, even though the baby seemed healthy, he fell sick all the time. He kept getting sick frequently with colds, coughs, and fevers.

Medications did not help at all. Finally, the worried parents put together funds and took their baby for a checkup. It was then that they learnt that this baby too was born with the same disease that killed their first child. Life was not letting them move on from tragedy.

Divya had already lost her 5-month baby, last year to the same disease

After losing her 5-month-old baby, last year, Divya desperately tried to move on. But the trauma was too much to bear and her world seemed changed beyond recognition. When she got pregnant with the second baby was when she found hope again. She and her husband slowly immersed themselves in the joy of having another baby. When they learnt that their baby was fighting the same condition, they were shattered.
Divya's baby's health is very fragile, he needs a bone-marrow transplant at the earliest

“I wanted to cry and break down but I couldn’t. I have to stay strong for my baby. I live only because of the hope that I can save my baby. I desperately wish that my love for him is more powerful than the disease itself,” says Divya

Father is a farmer struggling to meet the expenses

Siddharaju is definitely not prepared to endure this much pain. He feels lost in the city and still hasn’t come to terms with his child's death. He is a small farmer and he is struggling to make ends meet. He has already spent a lot for the treatment and now he is both physically and emotionally exhausted. Despite this, he is running from pillar to post trying to save his baby.

The baby's father is a farmer who has exhausted all his savings and borrowed heavily for treatment

“Why is this happening to us?  We have always tried to be good, and do good. We have tried to stay strong through our baby's death. I can't imagine what will happen to us if God decides to take away this child also," says Siddharaju.

How you can help

Siddharaju is a farmer and with his meagre income, he can barely meet his basic needs. The baby has a good chance of complete recovery with a bone-marrow transplant. Without it, the baby has less than a month. Divya and Siddharaju are prepared to do everything to save their baby. Bone Marrow Transplant and the total cost of the therapy would come around Rs 18 lakhs which is just unimaginable for them. Your contributions can save their baby.

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