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One Of Their Twins Died At Birth, The Other Struggles To Live In The ICU

“I’ll be honest with you, every time the phone rings these days, I feel so scared. I feel it will be some bad news. The last few days have been so difficult for both Aparna and me. No parent should ever go through this in their life. My baby boy is struggling for every breath in the ICU. He needs to be here for longer but how will I afford that?” - Shyamal says breaking down in tears.

We thought we would never have a child

Aparna and Shyamal adore children. They have always dreamt of a happy family with their kids playing in their arms. But unfortunately, luck hasn’t been on their side for a long time. Despite trying IVF, Aparna had a miscarriage when she was pregnant for the first time in 2015.
“We were heartbroken. We had almost given up hope. Aparna had stopped going to family functions to avoid being questioned. So when we finally got to know that she was pregnant again, we felt blessed. We started making plans - Aparna seemed so happy!”

I had twins but I couldn’t save our baby girl - I have to save our son

Aparna was getting regular checkups and her reports were all fine till the sixth month of her pregnancy. Her water broke all of a sudden and Shyamal rushed her to the hospital. Aparna was very tensed - her blood pressure shot up, so did her sugar levels. The doctors tried to delay the pregnancy but they couldn’t - any further delay would have put the mother and the babies in danger.
“They were twins, I cried out of happiness. But we were told that they weren’t out of danger. They were underweight and needed immediate ICU care. My happiness soon turned into worry.”

Shyamal and Aparna’s baby girl couldn’t make it. Their baby boy had to undergo a surgery because he was bleeding from his food pipe.

He is very weak now and can’t even have breast milk. He needs to be in the hospital for around 3-4 months. If the baby is taken out of the ICU, he will not make it.

“I am a carpenter and I make about Rs 12,000 in a month. It’s not even fixed, depends on the work I get. They have told me that my baby’s treatment would cost something around 12 lakhs. How will I arrange for so much?”

Shyamal has used up all his savings and spent around 1.5 lakhs till now. Every day he travels from Singur to Kolkata to take a look at his baby boy, talk to the doctor. But now he fears even that won’t be possible - he has nothing left with him.

Aparna is too weak to travel every day, she had last gone to see her baby when he had the surgery. At home, she is restless and anxious. She begs her husband to bring her baby home. You can help him to do that by making a generous contribution. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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