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For 20 Years They Prayed For A Child, But Just 2 Weeks After Her Birth She's Dying

We’ve waited 20 years to have a child of our own. We’ve seen our friends and neighbors get married after we did, we’ve seen them have wonderful children. 
But for 20 years my husband and I have battled depression, suffered taunts, and spent countless nights crying, praying for a miracle.  
Two weeks ago, our prayers were answered. But our miracle... he’s dying. 
— Anita, mother 

Sunil and Anita got married in 1999. Things were rosy at first, but when years went by and they weren’t having children, they realized all wasn’t right. 6 years after their marriage, they decided to start getting fertility treatments. It was extremely expensive, but they went ahead with it because having a child was important to them. But the treatment failed. And so they tried again, and again, for the next 14 years until finally, last October, they heard the words they waited two decades for: You’re pregnant!” 

She couldn't believe they were finally going to have a child

"We had trouble believing the doctor at first. When you wait for something for that long, for 20 years, when you finally get it... it feels like it’s not real. We wanted to celebrate, but we were also scared. Our dream was so close we could almost touch it! But we knew we had to be careful, to ensure the pregnancy went well. We did everything the doctor asked us to, I took every tablet, went for regular check-ups. And yet... in February, they said my delivery may not be normal, and that I should be prepared for a c-section."  — Anita

Unfortunately, their baby was born premature 

Despite the desperate parents’ best efforts and the doctors’ efforts as well, when Anita went for a regular check-up on March 13th, she was told her baby needed to be delivered immediately, after just 26 weeks. They waited 2 days to see if she could do it naturally, but on the 15th they had no choice but to rush Anita in for a c-section. As soon as the baby was born, a beautiful girl, she had to be put on a ventilator immediately; Sunita never even got to hold her. The baby weighs 650gms, and has severe respiratory issues due to a collapsed lung. She needs ICU treatment for 2 months to recover fully, but Sunil can’t afford the cost. 

You can keep their 20-year-old dream from shattering

"I hoped and prayed that the pregnancy would be normal and that the delivery would have no complications. But when has life ever been easy on us? We still have a chance to save our baby, but the cost is too high! I’m an assistant in a private office. I never got to have savings because I spent all the extra money I earned on the fertility treatments. In 20 years, this is the closest we’ve gotten to having our own child... please, don’t let her die. Donate as much as you can and save her life!" — Sunil
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Patient Baby of Anita is 1 month old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Surya Hospitals, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Preterm birth

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