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Father Begs Everyone On The Street To Buy At Least One Soda So He Can Save His 1-month-old Son's Life

Every day I station my cart of Goli Soda on the busy streets of Ongole and wait for the customers. I thank God that it is summer. That means people will want to buy Soda for their thirst. I pray that by the end of the day my cart should be empty so that I can have Rs. 200 to buy medicines for my sick son. He is just 1-month-old and his tiny body is fighting mighty heart disease. The major blood vessels in his heart are connected to the wrong side. His body is not getting good blood.

Gurucharan is a Soda Vendor working on the streets of Ongole. His son was born with a serious heart defect. The surgery to save the child would cost Rs. 4 lakhs. Gurucharan could sell Soda all day and night, yet still not have this money. This story is written from his perspective.

Source: TrekEarth

"Please! Do whatever it takes and save our son!" says my wife, Alekhya. This is the first time she has asked me for something in the three years of our marriage. Everything seemed fine until our son was born. Right from the first time he breastfed he has been vomiting. At times his mouth was filled with froth. Doctors were suspicious and asked me to go to a better hospital.

His heart cannot work harder, especially since his tiny body is extremely weak

When he was born his weight was 2.750 kgs and within a span of 10 days he lost half the weight. It is because he could not drink milk. Already weak, he would cough continuously, vomit and start seizing. He could not breathe. We were so scared that he would die.

Alekhya and I went to Guntur from Bapatla, AP. She still had not recovered from the delivery. Several tests and scans revealed that our baby has a hole in his heart. Alekhya cried so hard that her stitches split open.

Instead of being in surgery right now, this baby boy is home counting his days

I borrowed rupees 50,000 from my friends and admitted my son in Chennai hospital. The doctors said that his condition is critical and he needs open heart surgery. I begged everyone I knew to help me save my son. With no money for treatment, I had to get my son discharged. Now we are helplessly watching him at home, hoping he does not die the next minute.

The moment I step into the house after work every day, I hear Alekhya crying. She runs to me and tells me how much our son suffered. She refuses to even contemplate a name for our child fearing that he will die within the month.

I rush to him every single day and hold him, only to realize that he is breathing lesser, that it is getting even more difficult for him to just take air.

'Just one soda, can save my son's life sir!'

I sell soda for 5 months in a year and the rest of the days I do odd jobs to feed my family. People ask me why I had a child when I am struggling to buy food every day. Does everyone not want a family? Someone to love and live for. My son will make me a better person. I hope to teach him to be better than me. He does not have to be poor. I keep screaming to everyone who goes on the road. I ask them to buy just one soda - to save my son.

I wanted to be responsible for his life. Now, it looks like I will be responsible for his death and my heart cannot take it. He looks safe in his mother’s arms but I know he is not. He could have a heart attack any minute. I need 6 lakhs to save him. I have one week. It is literally a deadline. Please, help me save my boy.

Gurucharan is always on the street begging people to buy at least one bottle of soda so his son could survive. There is not one person he has not told his story. Yet, he has not received help. Gift this family a miracle and contribute to save this baby boy's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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