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This 1-Year-Old Took His First Steps In The Cancer Ward, Now He May Never Get Out

On his birthday last year, baby Khwaja woke up to the sight of his hospital ward decorated with colourful balloons. However, just a week after, his life changed. The baby who was once full of joy and excitement now wakes up to painful injections and chemotherapy because of blood cancer. He cries almost every day, and nothing his parents do can take away his pain. The little one took his first steps in the cancer ward, and his parents now fear that they might never get to take him back home.  

“He’s everyone’s favourite. From our relatives to our neighbours, everyone would play with Khwaja and he wouldn’t hesitate to go to anyone that spoke to him. He was such a happy child, and we truly felt like God had blessed us with the best. But ever since he’s been diagnosed with cancer, Khwaja’s smile has vanished. The disease is slowly taking him away from us.” – Mohammad Abdullah, father.

Ever since their baby fell terribly ill, the helpless parents have been struggling to get him treated

Baby Khwaja was diagnosed with blood cancer last year. He became very weak and tired just a week after his first birthday, and his condition has only been deteriorating since. Abdullah and Shahana travelled more than 500 km from their home near Hubli to Bangalore with little money in their pockets and hope in their hearts to get him treated. They borrowed 2 lakh in loans to start his chemotherapy. His parents somehow managed to get him treated and just when they thought he was getting better, his condition has worsened. Baby Khwaja is now in the ICU, fighting for his life. He has a severe infection in his blood and is on ventilator support.
“We have to stay in Bangalore until his treatment gets over. We’ve rented a small house near the hospital. But I’m struggling to continue his treatment and manage other expenses. We might have to take him back home without completing the treatment in the next few days.

Scanty rainfall has given Abdullah major losses this past year, and now, he can't afford to save his only child

This has been a difficult year for Abdullah and his family. He has a small piece of land in his village and earns a living through the crops he grows on it. While he didn’t earn much, they lived a simple and content life. However, with less rain and the blistering heat, Abdullah’s farm wasn’t thriving. He earned lesser than he did the previous years and was forced to take a loan on his land to feed his family.
“I thought that this would be our only struggle. I promised my wife that the next few months would be good for us. I never imagined that only difficult times were ahead of us. Now, I can’t even take a loan on my land. I’ve borrowed from everyone I know, and I’m still falling severely short. I will loose my little Son.”

How You Can Help

Baby Khwaja needs to stay in the ICU for 2 more weeks to survive. His parents plead for help to save him but have unfortunately they are totally out of money now. With each passing day, they’re a little more fearful of losing their son due to their poverty. Baby Khwaja needs your immediate help to live.  

Your support will save 1-year-old Khwaja’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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