For Over 2 Months, This 7-Year-Old Girl Has Been Fighting For Her Life In The ICU | Milaap
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For Over 2 Months, This 7-Year-Old Girl Has Been Fighting For Her Life In The ICU

The minute Keerthana wakes up, she starts to panic. It’s been over two months in the ICU and the beeping of the machines and tubes on her body still scare her. She’s only 7 after all. “I wan’t my mumma!” she cries and the nurse rushes to call Mahalakshmi who waits by the ICU door, ready.

“The only time I come out is when she’s asleep. I can’t leave her when she’s awake. She’s in a lot of pain, she’s scared…” – Mahalakshmi, mother

Keerthana has pneumonia. What started as fever and rashes on her body, quickly escalated into a life-threatening condition. She needs to stay in the ICU for 4 more weeks to recover – but how will she when her parents have no savings or support? Their lifetime of savings all gone in just a few days.

Nothing they do seems to be enough

Nowadays Lokesh spends his days working in the small clothes shop where he’s a salesman, and the nights sleeping on the chairs outside the ICU. He’s exhausted, worried and under unimaginable stress. But he says that all this nothing compared to what his daughter is going through.

“Anything for her, anything!” but no matter how much Lokesh tries, he can’t continue her treatment any longer without your help."

A happy childhood, stolen – you can bring back her smile

Keerthana, once talkative, active and naughty, is now lying in the ICU. A class 2 student should be in school, surrounded by books, friends and activities. Keerthana can have all of this back, she can have her childhood back – only if she gets help in time.

“You never imagine things will turn out this way for your child…how did this happen? She was just playing at home.”

Keerthana needs to stay in the ICU to recover. If there's anyone that can help her, it's you.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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