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Lecturers Need Your Help To Save Their 8-Month-Old From A Rare Immunity Disease

“It breaks my heart to watch my little boy cry in pain as he's given multiple injections and medicines. He is just 8 months old! I've already lost my previous baby at just 4 months and now I can’t lose this baby too. I need to save him, at any cost.” – Swathi, Mother

They have already lost a baby to a disease with similar symptoms

Baby Dakshith Sai suffered from frequent fevers after he entered his 6th month. Seeing his symptoms, the parents feared the worst because they had lost their older baby to a similar condition that went undetected.

He has a rare immunity-based disease

“It took us 2 months to get a proper diagnosis… multiple hospitals, different expensive tests - we did everything. Finally, we were told that our baby is suffering from a rare immunity-based disease. At least now, we know the problem, but unfortunately we don’t have the funds for the treatment.” – Madhukar, Father

Baby Dakshith suffers from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency which is a life-threatening disease. His cell count is low and the cells are defective. He is also prone to infections due to reduced immunity. His only cure is a bone marrow transplant. The doctors are currently looking for a Haplo-identical match for the transplant as only that can increase his survival rate.

Without an income, they cannot afford the expenses

“We have sold the only piece of land we owned to pay for the medical and other expenses so far. Now, we need INR 35 Lakhs for the transplant and we are at the end of our tether, financially. Both my husband and I are lecturers, but due to the pandemic we've been without a job or salary for the past 1 year. You are our only hope now to save our baby.” – Swathi, Mother 

His parents are doing all that they can, but Baby Dakshith needs your help to fight against this rare and fatal disease. Click here to donate.
Patient Dakshith Sai is 8 months old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Narayana Health, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

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