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With No Means Left To Save Their 2 Daughters From Rare Blood Disorder, These Parents Need Your Help

“All these years, I’ve spent all my earnings to keep both my daughters alive. Because of thalassemia, they have gone through unimaginable pain. Now our younger daughter, Chandini, has a chance to finally be free of this suffering. We have found a matched donor for her bone marrow transplant through a donor registry. But we don’t have any money to afford such an expensive transplant.” - Basaradha Rao, father

Chandini's heart-wrenching cries tell of her life surviving on scary and painful transfusions

“We were afraid of having another child when we came to know our elder daughter Sahithi had thalassemia. It had been such a huge relief when the reports during my pregnancy confirmed that I was having a healthy baby. But our worst fear came true when Chandini also fell sick, the same way that Sahithi did. I couldn’t hold back my tears.” - Laxmi, mother

Chandini was just 6 months old when her parents found out she has thalassemia, a terrible and debilitating blood condition due to which she cannot produce blood on her own. 

Laxmi and Basaradha Rao knew that Chandini’s life would end up being just like her sister's, a life dependent on blood transfusions. If she didn’t get her regular blood transfusions, she would get a fever and would have barely any strength left in her body, while struggling to breathe on her own.

Sahithi and Chandini grew up with a constant fear of going through those painful needles every month. Unfortunately, Chandini’s health has worsened in the past few weeks. The effects of regular blood transfusions have taken a toll on her body. Excess ferritin levels in her body have affected her other organs. Now, only a bone marrow transplant can save her life.

They’ve spent more than what they earn to keep their daughters alive

A driver by profession, Basaradha has spent his entire income on providing those timely transfusions to both their daughters. They even had a little help from their friends and relatives. Now, with a matched donor available, they can avail a bone marrow transplant  for Chandini. But they do not have the means to arrange an exorbitant sum of INR 25 lakhs for this life-saving transplant.

“In our darkest times when we had almost lost hope, we were relieved to know that one of our daughters has a chance to live a transfusion-free life. Now, I’m willing to go to any extent to avail the transplant, even if it means that I have to ask people I don’t know to help me. This is my only chance to give one of my daughters a better life. Please help me.” - Basaradha, father

Fate hasn’t been that fair to Laxmi and Basaradha. Both their daughters are suffering while they’re still in their childhood. But now that these parents have a chance to save their younger one, the only thing that’s stopping them is a lack of funds.

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Patient baby sowpati chandini is 2 years old, living in Vijayapuri South, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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