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11-Month-Old’s Damaged Kidneys Are Failing, He Needs Urgent Treatment

“He’s so small - he’s not even a year old! His life has barely begun and yet, he has to go through so much. It kills me to see him like this; his small little body on that large hospital bed, connected to all these machines. I can’t bear to imagine the pain he is in, between his treatments and the discomfort he must be feeling. I just want to take all his suffering away. My only wish is to have my healthy baby boy in my arms again..”
- Deepali, mother

What they thought was food poisoning turned out to be much worse

Avneesh had just turned 11 months old, when he suddenly got diarrhea. His parents assumed it was normal, as children at his age who are teething, tend to often have it. But it was when he started vomiting, that they got concerned and immediately consulted a doctor. They were told it was just food poisoning, and that it would take some time to subside. But soon, they realised that his condition was only worsening instead of improving.

“We had to get him hospitalized, and I had never felt more fear in my life. He would cry so much to the point where he had no more tears left. He was severely dehydrated and had to be shifted to PICU. It was then that blood tests and a biopsy revealed that my baby’s kidneys were about 50 percent damaged, and he’d need prolonged treatment to recover. I felt my heart stop at the diagnosis. How could this happen to my child? He’s too young to be suffering like this!” - Rakesh, father

His kidneys are failing rapidly, only prolonged treatment can save him

Baby Avneesh suffers from Complete Renal Failure, where his damaged kidneys are failing to function normally. If they stop working completely, his body will fill with extra water and waste products, causing swelling in some organs. Without treatment, this may lead to seizures, coma and ultimately, death. Avneesh was also diagnosed with Acute Gastroenteritis, an intestinal infection causing diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever.

The only way baby Avneesh can recover is if he gets prolonged treatment. So far, he has also undergone surgery to rectify his condition and has been responding well to his treatment. Now, he needs to undergo dialysisfor about 2 to 3 weeks, in order to filter out the waste products in his body.

He lost his job to Covid-19, now he’s struggling to afford his baby’s hospital expenses

The past year has brought a lot of hardships for this little family, but Avneesh’s arrival had been the ray of hope that they needed to power through. Now as their son is fighting for his life in the PICU, these parents are facing a difficult predicament with no money to afford his treatment and mounting hospital expenses.

“I used to work at a printing press but I lost my job during the pandemic. Since then, we’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Without a source of income, it was hard to even get by. But, somehow we managed to make it this far. Our son’s hospital bills have cost us 4.5 lakh rupees until now, and with barely any savings, I was forced to borrow from my relatives and even sold my wife’s jewellery. Now I have nothing left. My son needs to continue his treatment, which costs 7 lakh rupees, but we don’t know how we will afford it."

These parents are in desperate need of your help. Their 1-year-old is fighting for his life, and they don’t have the means to save him. They hope you can support their son’s recovery with your generous contributions, so Avneesh can get a second chance at life. Click here to donate.
Patient Avneesh Burte is 11 months old, living in Badlapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Surya Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Hemolytic uremic syndrome

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