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Her Abusive Husband Left Her All Alone In Her Struggle To Save Her Baby From Eye Cancer

“Ever since I got married to my husband 6 years ago, he has been beating me violently. He was the only earning member and yet he would not even provide for me, not even food and clothes. He would beat me black and blue until I collapsed from the pain. But after my daughter was born two years ago, he calmed down. I believed that things got better. But recently when we found out that she had cancer, he left saying that he cannot take care of a sick child,”- Gulnaaz, mother.

2-year-old Ashia Parveen is suffering from retinoblastoma, a deadly form of cancer that develops in the retina of the eye. Her father has abandoned her and her poor mother is 6 months pregnant and jobless. Her mother’s father, Mohammed Amirul, is old and weak but he is trying his best to be a pillar of strength in these tough times. The little girl needs prolonged chemotherapy to survive, but her mother and grandfather are completely helpless and need your help.

The tumour in her eye is growing bigger with every passing day

Ashia’s ordeal started three months back when a yellowish fluid started draining from her right eye. Her mother, Gulnaaz, took her to many doctors in their hometown in Kolkata, but everybody dismissed it as a small infection. But as time passed, a mass started appearing on her eye. Worried, Gulnaaz begged her father to take her to a better hospital after her husband refused to help and that is when Ashia was diagnosed with eye cancer.

She starts bleeding from her right eye and cries in pain. Her eye is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. We have accepted the fact that she will lose her eye, but we want to save her life at least. I cannot bear thinking I might lose her, she is my everything,”- Gulnaaz, mother.

‘I am old and weak, but I want to be there for my granddaughter…she has nobody else’

Mohammed Amirul, Ashia’s grandfather is a daily wage laborer in Kolkata. He earns as little as Rs 200 a day. Gulnaaz is the second of his four children. He is old and weak and  is not able to go to work every day. However, when Gulnaaz’s husband abandoned her and her baby girl was diagnosed with cancer, he did not think twice about taking them under his care. He has the will to save them, but his poor finances are the only obstacle.

“My grandchild has no father…how can I abandon her too? I want to save her but poor people like me cannot arrange enough money overnight. Please help me,”-Mohammed Amirul, grandfather.

With your kind contribution, this pregnant mother and weak grandfather can save little Ashia before her condition worsens

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