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She Swallowed A Battery And It Made A Hole In Her Throat

"She suddenly started vomiting that night. At first it was somewhat normal but then she started crying as she vomited, as if she was in great pain. We tried our best to comfort her, but didn’t know why it was happening in the first place. And then we saw the remote near her, with its back cover removed.
Our daughter had swallowed a battery and the chemicals had started leaking inside her! It was slowly making a hole in her throat!" — Bhoop, father

They thought it would harmlessly pass through her system, but...

Bhoop and Mala didn’t realize the severity of their daughter's situation until much later. As soon as they figured out that Ashi swallowed a battery, they took her to a local clinic.  

“Everyone, including the doctor there, told us that babies swallow things all the time and that I didn’t need to worry. They said it would pass through her digestive system and eventually out of her body with no real harm done. But, by the 2nd day Ashi’s condition only got worse, not better...” 

The chemicals leaked and made a hole in her throat 

Instead of harmlessly passing through her system, the battery had gotten stuck in her throat and had started leaking extremely toxic chemicals. 

“We took her to a bigger hospital the next day and scans confirmed that the battery was still stuck in my daughter’s throat. She had to be taken into surgery right away and they tried their best to remove it. But the damage was already done. The chemicals had burned holes in her food pipe and windpipe. Anything she tried to eat started going into her lungs! It was actually killing my little Ashi!” — Bhoop, unable to continue 

They had to make another hole in her throat so she could breathe 

The battery’s toxic chemicals burned a hole between her food pipe and windpipe. Every time she tried to eat anything the food particles would enter her lungs, something that’s extremely dangerous. The doctors were forced to surgically add a new hole at the base of her neck leading to her windpipe so that Ashi could breathe in clean, unobstructed air. They also had to insert a tube through her nose to her foodpipe so that she could be fed.

She needs surgery to fix the injury, but her parents are helpless 

“I used to be an entry-level IT employee. I didn’t earn much, but it was enough to support my wife, my newborn, and my parents. I lost my job during the pandemic, and I’ve been looking for one ever since, with no success! We were already on our last legs financially when all this happened. Please, she’s in so much pain! She has to eat and breathe through tubes, she’s only a 2-year-old!” — Bhoop 
Patient Ashi Tiwari is 2 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Picu care

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