With A Part Of His Skull Removed, This 3-Year-Old Lies Unconscious In The ICU | Milaap
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With A Part Of His Skull Removed, This 3-Year-Old Lies Unconscious In The ICU

"Why isn’t my child waking up? It’s been one month and all he has ever seen is suffering. Last Monday, they told us to take him home, that he is out of danger but that very night… there was an internal bleeding in his brain and he was rushed to the ICU. Ever since then he is unconscious." - Seema, mother

One month of critical health with each day worse than the previous one

Aryan was diagnosed with a severe case of dengue on 29th October and ever since then his health has been deteriorating. His nose started to bleed, his organs started to shut down, his chest got filled with water and his stomach started to swell. One thing after the other kept happening. The parents kept praying and running pillar to post begging for help.

He wouldn’t sit still for even a minute and now...

“He started going to school just 2-3 months back. He used to come and tell all the things he learnt in school, singing rhymes… and look at him now, he is lying on the bed, unconscious. The last thing he said to me was ‘Maa, take me home now, I got better right?’ I just…” -Seema, breaking mid sentence
Just at the age of 3, Aryan speaks two languages. He would switch between the two depending on who he was talking to and which language they spoke. He loves to watch ‘chota bheem’ and ride his little cycle. But now without the ventilator support he can’t even manage to take a single breath.

He is healing but he needs 2 more months to fully recover

Due to internal bleeding, Aryan had to undergo a brain surgery 10 days ago. But the surgery is incomplete. His bone flap (part of his skull) has been removed during the surgery which can only be put back once the infection has healed completely, which will take 8-10 weeks.
Prabhakar works in a small security company, and earns Rs 18,000 a month. He has already spent 15 lakhs, which is way beyond his capacity and he needs 18 lakhs more to save Aryan.
“ I sold all I could, I took loans and asked everyone I know for help. I did everything to keep him alive but now that is getting better, I am unable to afford it anymore.”

Your contribution can save a little Aryan's life.