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These Parents Live In The Fear Of Losing Their 8-Year-Old To A Dangerous Blood Disease

“At 3-months-old, my son was diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder, which could prove fatal if not treated. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe that my newborn was suffering from such a disease. Since then, we’ve been running around everywhere in efforts to save his life. Now when we’ve finally found a way to save him, we’re struggling because of our poor financial situation.” - Kirana, mother

He needs transfusions every 15 days or he becomes very weak

For Kirana and Venkatesh, their journey into parenthood has been accompanied by the absolute fear and dread of losing their child. Their son, 8-year-old Arjun, the oldest out of their twin children, suffers from a severe blood disease called Beta Thalassemia Major.

He needs to be transfused with a bag of blood every 15 days, without fail. Even a single day’s delay has adverse effects on his body. It’s so hard for me to see him like this. He’ll be active for a few days, running around happily, and then suddenly turns dull. His skin and eyes turn pale, and he trembles each time he takes a step. That’s when we know he needs more blood. It has been an endless cycle, these past 8 years” - Venkatesh, father

Arjun with his twin sister.

His current treatment isn’t working anymore 

Haemoglobin in the blood helps red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Due to his condition, Arjun’s body has a lesser haemoglobin count than normal leading to severe anemia. His current treatment - the blood transfusions and medicines - is starting to have little to no effects on his body. His only chance at survival now is a bone marrow transplant.

“Arjun is a smart child, so enthusiastic and keen to learn. He wants to go to school, he wants to run around and play. He is so full of life, yearning to do all the things children his age do. I don’t allow him to play in the sun or do anything where he has to exert himself. It breaks my heart when I have to say no to his pleading, and see him sitting quietly while watching other kids. But I can't let him indulge in anything that could worsen his condition." - Kirana

They are struggling to afford his life-saving treatment 

Hailing from a small district in Karnataka, 8 years ago, Venkatesh and Kirana made the decision to move to Bangalore to be closer to the hospital treating their son. Venkatesh had been working as a driver, until he lost his job during the pandemic. Currently he works at a small photocopying shop, earning INR 8,000 a month, which hardly enough to support their 4-member family.

Kirana used to work as a domestic help, until she underwent a hip surgery earlier this year. Now, she struggles to walk or move about for more than a few minutes, forcing Venkatesh to look after the household for the most part. With barely any resources to get them by, there is no way they can afford their child’s expensive transplant on their own.

“It’s getting extremely hard to continue with his treatment. The transfusions have kept him alive so far, but going forward, it won’t be enough to save him. All our life’s savings have been exhausted, and while our family and friends did lend us a hand initially, they no longer answer our calls. This bone marrow transplant is his only option, but at 25 lakh rupees, it is just impossible for us to afford without your help. Please.. Our son’s life is in danger and we can only appeal to you now.” - Venkatesh

They have a 100% matched donor for their son, but these parents are failing to bear the expenses of the transplant. They are in dire need of your help. Your contributions can give little Arjun a second chance at life. Click here to donate.
Patient Arjun V Tyson is 9 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in St.John's Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia Major( Blood Disease)

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