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This Young Mother Is Determined To Fight Cancer And Live For Her 2 Little Daughters

One look at Arfa and you can’t help but feel bad for her. She is unable to move her fingers now, she struggles to even change clothes on her own. She is gradually losing the balance of her body and needs support to even walk two steps.She hates being bedridden but now her life has come to it. Even the simplest of tasks like wrapping herself in a blanket or turning from left to right side of the bed has become a difficult task for her. 

But she wants to live. She wants to fight cancer and live for two daughters aged 4 and 10. 

"My elder daughter understands something is wrong with me. One day after my CT scan, she saw me in a near paralytic state, gasping for breath. I had lost control over my body and had wet the bed. I felt so embarrassed, I don’t want a life like this. I don't even know how much of my life is even left..."- Arfa, mother of Alizah and Humaira.  

A pain in her neck turned out to be cancer

For Arfa, it all started with a neck pain and she still cannot come to terms with how that turned out to be a Stage 4 cancer. When the pain in her neck became unbearable, she had to undergo an MRI which changed her life completely. She got detected with breast cancer. Her right breast was removed in a surgery in 2016 - despite all the trauma, she felt blessed to be given another chance to live. 

But things got complicated when she started having blackouts and started sensing the same unbearable pain in 2018 again. All her fears came true, but this time her cancer had spread to her neck and throat even. Now she needs six more cycles of chemotherapy.

I feel devastated that my daughters have to live without a mother even when they have me.

Arfa misses dressing up her kids for school, feeding them with my own hands or helping them with their studies. She feels guilty for always being sick. Her aged mother is taking care of her children, her husband is working extra hours to pay for her treatment. Ahmad, Arfa's husband, works as a labourer in a factory with a mere income of only Rs.5000. He has big dreams for his daughters and wants to give them a better life. But now it looks like a distant dream because he has not only spent all his savings but have also sold off their jewellery and house to fund Arfa's medical treatment. 

Arfa with her mother

"Arfa was such a happy  person, always attending to everyone's needs before hers. Now if I talk to her for even two minutes, she breaks down and becomes teary-eyed. I always used to think if something happens to me, Arfa will always be there to take care of my kids. What do I do now? I feel so helpless" - Ahmad, husband

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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