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Waiter's 7-Year-old Daughter Has One Last Chance To Fight Heart Disease, But He Can't Afford It

Panchanathan had just started to believe that life is not always cruel. Last year, when his 7-year-old daughter Archana started going to school after her heart surgery, he felt that all their sorrows and nightmares were finally over. Contrary to his belief, last month, Archana got severe chest pain and collapsed on the floor. His world came crashing down once again. He had worked day and night in a small hotel in his village in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, to afford his daughter's heart surgery, but now, all his hard work seems to have been in vain.

"I can never forget the first day she went to school - she had packed her books the previous day itself and told every one she met that she was now a big girl. Despite falling behind in the class due to her heart condition, she stayed positive and showed interest to learn new things. But now, she is once again confined to her bed, in constant pain and struggling to breathe." - Panchanathan.

After years of struggle, Archana had her heart surgery last year

Little Archana was born with a heart disease but it was diagnosed only when she turned 2-months-old. When she began struggling to breathe, her parents rushed her to the hospital, doctors said that there are possibilities that the heart disease would heal by itself and surgery can be done only if she gains weight. Archana was extremely underweight and she often had severe cold and cough. Her parents took proper care of her. Yet, the worst happened. Her condition became critical and she had to undergo an urgent heart surgery.

"In past year, she hadn't stepped out of the house except for the hospital visits. She watched longingly as her younger sister and friends went to school. We had not even sent her out to play in months, just a few steps of walking would make her fall short of breath and her lips would turn blue completely. I thought she'll have a normal life after the surgery, but our misfortune continues even after that." - Panchanathan.

Archana's parents thought that their daughter had completely recovered from the heart disease but they were wrong

One day, when Archana returned from school, she complained of chest pain. Her parents were terrified and rushed her to hospital. The doctors said that she needs to undergo a stenting procedure, which means a tube will be inserted into the blocked passage and enables the blood flow. By keeping the arteries open, it helps to lower the risk of chest pain. Without this, she'll be in constant pain and her condition can turn fatal too.

Archana's father cannot afford the urgent treatment that she needs to survive

Panchanthan works in a small hotel and with his meagre salary he struggles to feed his wife and three children. He always wanted to put his children in an English medium school and was determined to give the best education to his them. However, since the diagnosis of his daughter's dreadful disease, he knew that he had to spend everything for treatment and his dreams of sending them to an English medium school came to a standstill. Nothing was above his daughter's health. He did everything that he could possibly do to get the surgery done. He could not bear that his daughter's life is at risk again.

"I worked day and night and saved every rupee. I borrowed money from everyone I knew, I even got cash in advance from my owner. I'm in huge debt but I never regretted, all I wanted is to keep my daughter alive and healthy. Now I don't know what I can do to save her. I don't even have the strength to look at her eyes. " - Panchanathan.

How you can help

Panchanathan and his wife Saritha are struggling to save their 7-year-old daughter Archana from a dreadful heart disease. She has been suffering since birth and stenting procedure is the last resort to save her life. Her poor father, has exhausted everything he had and now he is desperately waiting for a help to save his daughter. Your support can give back his happiness and hope.

Your support can save 7-year-old Archana from dreadful heart disease

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