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This 27-Year-Old Social Worker Needs Your Support To Fight Cancer

Aravinda, 27, has been fighting cancer for last 12 months and has sold his home to raise money for his treatment. Aravinda's father cannot bear the cost of his treatment and Aravinda is the only bread winner of the family. Aravinda needs your support to make him healthy again.

Aravinda's story of struggle

Aravinda, comes from a very humble background. His father is daily-wage labourer who earns Rs 300 per day if there is a job available. During his childhood with great difficulties, his father used to manage expenses of the family. However, his father made sure Aravinda got a good education in the hope that he could bring an end to the struggles of the family. There was a time when the family could not afford two meals a day but Aravinda's father ensured both of his children continued going to school.

Aravinda with his sister and parents

Aravinda has constantly fought hardships and he is a real fighter 

Aravinda has been a fighter all his life. He grew up in a small town called N.R. Pura in north Karnataka with limited options and facilities. However with his sheer determination and hard work he topped his school and managed to get a merit-based scholarship in college.

Aravinda getting a prize for being the school topper

Aravinda took Masters in Social Work in his post graduation as he had a keen interest in helping people and bringing a change in the society. After the completion of his course, he was looking forwarding to begin working in the developmental sector in a NGO. But before he could get a job, his health began deteriorating.

How cancer caught Aravinda -

Aravinda was regularly falling sick. He used to throw up often and faced difficulties in digesting food. He was then referred to HCG hospital, Bangalore and after a thorough round of tests the doctors gave the family the awful news. Aravinda was diagnosed with Metastatic Desmoplastic Round Cell Tumour (MDRCT), a rare aggressive cancer. Doctors suggested that he undergo several rounds of chemotherapy as his condition was extremely critical.

The family had high hopes for Aravinda but everyone was hopeful that Aravinda would be cured of the disease. To ensure he got the treatment he needed, Aravinda's family sold their home. But even that fetched them only Rs 4 lakhs. Now, they are unable to fully fund the cost of Aravinda's treatment.

Why should you contribute?

Aravinda needs to undergo a bone-marrow transplant and take medication for at least three more months.  Aravinda has fought this battle bravely. Though he looks frail and weak however, his grit and desire to change the world pushes him to fight this battle.

Let us come together and support his treatment. Your contribution would ensure he fulfills his ambition.

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