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He Cannot Tell His Mother He Does Not Have The Means To Save Her Life

21-year-old Sanjay had to drop out of school when his sister got married, since his parents could not afford his education post the wedding. Today, he does not have a stable job, and is struggling to save his mother Arati who is battling a brain tumour. Although the symptoms had been prevalent for 4-5 years now, the doctors in her village could not find the exact diagnosis.
Arati was only diagnosed with Acidity.
Arati had been complaining of nausea, headache and vomiting for the past 4-5 years. The local doctor thought this was a case of severe acidity, or trouble due to gas build up. They kept prescribing medicines which would ease her troubles for a few days. Slowly, the episodes started getting more frequent.
When the medicines showed no effect, and the pain became an everyday issue, Sanjay decided to take his mother to a government hospital in the neighbouring town.
A scan report shattered Sanjay entirely.
The doctors at the hospital immediately sensed the urgency of Arati’s case. A scan revealed a tumour in the brain. She was immediately referred to Sita Bhateja Hospital, Bangalore for specialized care.
“I could not believe my mother was dying for years, and I did not know. I have told her I can get her treated, but it kills me that I do not even have the means to do that.”He needs help to save her.
Sanjay cannot tell his mother he does not have the means to treat her. His father is not mentally stable, due to which his mother is all he has. This is Sanjay’s last chance to save his mother’s life.
All contributions made towards this campaign will go towards Arati’s surgery. You could help this son save his mother’s life!

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