8-Year-Old Girl With Brain Tumour Hides Her Pain From Her Parents To Not Worry Them | Milaap
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8-Year-Old Girl With Brain Tumour Hides Her Pain From Her Parents To Not Worry Them

"That scar on her head, that speaks a thousand words. So much more than what Anu tells me about what is going with her. I mean, she can't really hide her pain. But she tries to and that brings tears to me. She is just a little girl and she has so much pain to deal with. She should be out in the fields now, enjoying herself but here she is fighting the worst battle of her life,"- Nagapriya, Anu's mother.

Anu aspires to be a teacher 

8-year-old Anu who loves studying says that she wants to be a teacher one day. She wants to teach those who can't afford education. She wants to make their lives better. She was in standard 3 but it's been two years since she went to school. Even when battling with one of the deadliest forms of cancer, her beauty and strength lie in the way she makes you believe as if she feels no pain at all. She wants to be left alone as she does not want her mother to get to know her deteriorating state. 

Deserted by relatives, friends and neighbors, Karthik and his wife stand all alone in their relentless effort to save their only child

“I have been a housewife all these years. Today I regret not working...maybe if I had we would have enough to afford her treatment? I feel helpless at the moment." -Nagapriya

Karthik, Anu’s Father, is an auto-loom technician who has already spent 22 lakhs in these past two years. They even had to sell their house. The only chance their daughter Anu now has is to immediately undergo an advanced form of chemotherapy to destroy the developing tumour within her brain completely. The next few weeks are crucial, she must receive the treatment soon. Her parents are not only emotionally broken but also financially crippled in such a way that they are struggling to fulfill even their basic day- to -day needs.

It's Not Too Late - We Can Still Save Anu 

"We came to the Chennai with a hope that she will be cured of cancer for sure.But now, it looks like my only child may not even have a future anymore. Anu has made it this far..she has been so brave. She can be saved, it's not too late...we just don't have anyone to help us." - Karthik 

30 lakhs – that’s what it will take to save Anu’s life. She’s is a kid with just a small dream to become a teacher. Let's lend our support.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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