4-Year-Old Has Only 1 Day Left To Get A Life-Saving Surgery, His Parents Beg For Help | Milaap
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4-Year-Old Has Only 1 Day Left To Get A Life-Saving Surgery, His Parents Beg For Help

Poornima hasn’t eaten in several days. Not only because they can’t afford daily meals but because her only child, 4-year-old Ansh, needs an urgent heart surgery to live and she has nothing to afford the surgery.
“He doesn’t have time - at all. The doctor has given us only a day. Just a day - if we don’t get the funds in 24 hours, maybe I will never see my son again…,” - Poornima breaks down while saying this.  

His fever was not a viral infection - Ansh has a hole in his heart 

Poornima and Amit used to take extra care of their son. Not letting him get wet in the rain, not running about too much. The little boy was always falling sick, he hardly put on any weight.


“Cough syrups and  paracetamols had become a regular thing for Ansh. We were always very careful with him but he was falling sick every two weeks. None of the doctors could tell us what was the cause - not until last month when they told us that he has a hole in his heart. Now only a surgery can save him.”  

Everything they had, they have sold - there’s no one else who can help them now

The last one month has been like a whirlwind for Amit and Poornima. They come from a small village in Bihar and have no one to help them in Delhi. But even then, they came to Delhi in the hope to get their son better.
We had gone to 5 different hospitals - some didn’t have any place or some were too costly for us. Finally we came here. Doctors said that there already has been a lot of delay, he needs the surgery in a day.”

Amit is a farmer - he hardly gets more than Rs 200 a day. Every day is a struggle for them, but the family was managing somehow. With Ansh’s condition getting serious, Amit doesn’t know how he can save his only child.

“My relatives have helped us as much as they could. Poornima didn’t think twice before selling her jewellery. But even then we have only been able to pay 1 lakh. We need 5 lakhs more - please help me,” - Amit, father.  

A generous contribution from your side can save little Ansh 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team. 

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