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The Next 48 Hours Will Change This 1-Year-Old’s Life, She Needs An Open Heart Surgery

As you read this, Rajnish has just made his fifth call for the day. He is calling everyone he knows, begging them to help him save his daughter, Anjali. He has just 48 hours, and nothing left with him. Unfortunately, all his calls have been in vain.

“Three days ago she became so sick. She was just lying on the bed, playing as usual when suddenly, she became baby started turning blue! She couldn’t even cry out in pain. I don’t know anyone that can help us…I just have 48 hours, and these 48 hours will go by before I know it. My daughter is running out of time.” – Rajnish, father

She said her first word a few days ago, and today she’s fighting for her life

A few days ago, Anjali said her first word. It was supposed to be a moment of celebration for her parents. Anjali is Shanti Devi and Rajnish’s only child, and they still remember the day she was born – it was the happiest they have been. But just 6 months after her birth, little Anjali started falling sick. She wasn’t growing like she was supposed to, her weight was lesser than it should have been.

“That’s when we knew something was wrong. We took her to Delhi where the doctors told us that our baby has a heart disease. We didn’t understand much, but she had to get a surgery immediately.”

Rajnish didn’t waste any time – he borrowed from his relatives and somehow managed to afford Anjali’s surgery. But that wasn’t the end of her suffering.

She’s getting sicker by the day – time is running out

Anjali has Tricuspid Artesia, a heart disease due to which the body doesn’t get enough oxygen. This makes the little one extremely weak. She wants to play, but she can’t even sit up for long. Her condition will only worsen without an urgent surgery.

He spent over 2 lakhs on her first surgery, this farmer now has nothing

Anjali’s second surgery is beyond Rajnish’s means. Whatever little he had, has now been used on the train tickets from Patna to Delhi. Now he can’t even afford food for his family.

“I’m from a small village in Patna…I’m only a farmer. I barely earn Rs. 250 on a good day. I have no savings, no one to borrow from. If I don’t find a way to afford the surgery in 2 days, I could lose her. She’s our only child, our everything…”  - Rajnish

Little Anjali has her whole life ahead of her. But the next 48 hours will determine her fate. Her parents need your help to save her life.  

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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