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Their Mother Died When They Were 6-months-old, Now Their Own Lives Are In Danger

"It's a blessing to have children playing in your house; their presence fills it with happiness. But our happiness barely lasted 6 months. That’s when my babies lost their mother. Even then, our misery didn't end. Soon after her death, we got to know that both my twins have holes in their hearts." - Dharamveer Singh, father

Aniket and Pawan were both born with atrial septal defects (ASD), a life-threatening congenital disability. In this condition, a hole is present in the wall of the heart's upper chambers, mixing fresh oxygen-rich blood with bad blood. This leads to severe depletion of oxygen in the body, causing great difficulty in performing basic activities.

As the holes in the hearts get bigger and bigger, these poor twins will have an increasingly difficult time breathing. Soon, they will start gasping for breath. They need urgent surgeries to treat the condition, but Dharamveer's hands are tied.

Their father can’t afford the treatment they need

Dharamveer is a poor daily-wager who works as a painter on a contractual basis. After losing his job during the initial days of lockdown, he has struggled to find employment. He has had to beg and borrow money from everyone he knows, to afford the basic necessities like shelter and food for his family: two little babies, and his aged mother, who depend on him for everything. They have no other source of income. 

With the clock ticking away and increasing the likelihood of his babies dying, Dharamveer is at the end of his rope.

He can’t handle any more loss, it’ll break him

"I already lost my wife, and cannot afford to lose my children too. With no luck anywhere near where I live, I’ve even been searching for jobs in different cities. There is no one else that my family can depend upon, and this feeling of helplessness is killing me from the inside. Doctors have told us that they need to undergo their operations as soon as possible, else it won't be easy to save them. Please help me. I can't live without my little twins." - Dharamveer, eyes filled with tears

Aniket and Pawan are already facing great difficulty in performing basic activities. Their father is doing everything he possibly can to save them, but he's not able to.

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