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Cancer Has Taken Away This 3-Year-Old’s Smile, It Can Kill Her Without Help

“She came home from school with swollen eyelids. For 2 days, I thought it was just an insect bite but then she started having a shooting pain in her jaws, teeth and tongue. Soon, her entire face was swollen and I immediately took her to our local clinic to get all the testing done. The doctors asked us to take her to a bigger hospital without any delay. They did not tell us why. Only after getting there, we got to know that our only child, Angira, has blood cancer.” - Moumita, mother 

Ashoke and Moumita are able to make about Rs.15,000 every month by running a small grocery shop in Hooghly. As soon as they got to know about Angira’s condition, they took all their savings and went to Mumbai for treatment. Angira’s low hemoglobin made it quite risky for her to be treated further. But her parents did not lose hope and got her to Kolkata for treatment. By now, they had already spent about 2 lakhs and all their savings have dried up. Angira requires continued chemotherapy and blood transfusion to be completely cancer-free now.

After every radiation, I have a bunch of hair in my hands...

“I have only heard about cancer but never knew anyone having it. Now seeing my little girl going through all this, I can't hold back my tears.  After every radiation, I have a bunch of hair in my hands. Those powerful radiations have made her body so weak, that sometimes she faints if she walks for more than 10 steps. She keeps vomiting and her tongue swells up so much that she is unable to eat solid food.” - Moumita, mother

Angira’s parents still remember those cries full of pain and help during her first injection

Angira loves listening to fairytales To distract her during injections, Moumita makes up stories about how the Princess fights all bad things and wins. Now she just wants this fairytale to come true for her Princess Angira…She just wants her to fight this deadly cancer. 

“In April, Moumita and my parents expired. We were just coping with the loss when we got to know about Angira’s blood cancer in May. It felt like we just lost everything we ever had. With each passing day, Angira’s condition is worsening and she needs us beside her all the time. My shop is mostly shut these days and everyday I live in the fear of what if I can’t manage Rs.3 lakhs more, will I lose my only child...- Ashoke, father

Ashoke and Moumita had just enrolled Angira in a school and never did they expect something like blood cancer to happen to their only child. Now, they just want to get her smile back on her face. If they continue with the treatment for about a year, they can save their daughter. But without your help, it will be very difficult for these parents to become a happy family again. Please help Angira to get well soon. 

Patient Angira Ghosh is 3 years old, living in Hooghly, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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