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Liver Failure Has Destroyed This 2-Year-Old's Life Even Before It Could Begin

“Angel has never achieved any of her milestones because this disease has stunted her growth and development. At 2 years old, she can’t sit up on her own or stand and neither has she even uttered her first words. She is our only child and we long to see her up on her feet, taking steps towards us. I desperately want to hear her call out to us...”
Shreya, mother

Her stomach swelled up and eyes turned yellow

After a smooth-sailing pregnancy and normal delivery, Chirag and Shreya Parmar were blessed with their bundle of joy, Angel in 2019. But the trouble started only a month later, when they realised their baby wasn't able to pass motion normally, neither was her weight increasing.

“She wasn't able to eat a proper portion of the food and even her body proportions were smaller than they should have been. Then we noticed her stomach starting to bulge and her eyes turning yellow. That’s when I was sure something was terribly wrong. We took her to almost 7 different local doctors, until we learned she had direct jaundice. Several more tests later, we found out that her liver was failing…” - Chirag, father

She underwent a Kasai procedure, but it failed

A disease called Biliary Atresia has caused Angel’s liver failure. Her bile ducts are blocked, hindering the passage of bile from the liver to the gallbladder. Her parents were referred to a bigger hospital, where she underwent a Kasai procedure to rectify the blockage. But the surgery failed. Covid-19 caused much delay in her treatment, and now her condition is worse than before.

Her liver has continued to swell because of excess fluid buildup, and even a procedure to drain it was in vain. Her parents were already sick with worry, but after their 2-year-old started vomiting blood, the fear of losing her has gripped them harder. The only option now is a liver transplant, or Angel will not make it.

She needs an urgent liver transplant, but her parents can’t afford it

Seeing that her liver is not functioning properly, Angel’s immunity was compromised and now her jaundice has turned severe.  She needs a liver transplant at the earliest. Her parents have been doing all they can, but after exhausting all their resources, they’ve hit a dead end. They don’t have the 25 lakhs that they need to save their daughter from the grips of this disease.

“I have a small machinery business and barely earn enough to run the household. I have used up all of my life’s savings, so my daughter could get the treatment she needed. But it isn’t enough. The cost of her treatment is way beyond my means. How on earth will I save her with no money? My wife and I are plagued by fear and worry for our baby. I feel frustrated and helpless, at this point, with no one else to turn to for help. You are our only hope, now. Please help us save our Angel.

These parents appeal to you for your generosity and support in saving their only daughter. Through your contribution, baby Angel will be able to undergo a life-saving liver transplant and live a normal life. Click here to donate.
Patient Angel Chirag Parmar is 2 years old, living in Vadodara, Gujarat
Being treated in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver failure

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