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At Just 3 Their Son Is Battling Cancer, And These Parents Can't Afford His Treatment

Pankaj and Suruchi can only watch as the nurse preps their son for his next chemotherapy treatment. They smile at him, but he doesn’t smile back."It'll all be over soon, son. We can play later," they tell him. Little Anay just nods and closes his eyes, letting the nurse do her work. And at that moment, Pankaj and Suruchi are once again left alone in that hospital room with their inescapable reality:

Their 3-year-old son… has blood cancer.

"He used to be so playful, so naughty. He was the centre of attraction wherever he went, both at school and at home." – Suruchi, mother

All in the blink of an eye

It had started out as merely a fever that Anay just could not shake off. But soon, to his parents’ horror, it had been diagnosed as blood cancer. They had rushed to get him treated, and at their doctor’s recommendation started chemotherapy treatment for him. All too soon, the side-effects of the therapy caught up to Anay, and at just 3 years old, this poor boy has lost 85% of his hair.

"It's so painful to look at him now. I know he’s still my beautiful baby boy, but he looks so different. He rarely smiles anymore." – Pankaj

Pankaj and Suruchi can’t afford their son’s treatment any longer

Anay’s condition has improved since he started chemotherapy, but to keep him in therapy this long, Pankaj and Suruchi have burnt through all their savings and used up all the resources available to them. Now, his therapy will have to be stopped.

“If I stop his chemotherapy now because I can’t afford a few more lakhs, the cancer will come back stronger than ever, and then the only way to try and save his life would be to make him go through a bone marrow transplant. Not only am I scared to make my son go through such an invasive surgery, the procedure would cost an additional 15 lakhs." – Pankaj

They've gotten this far in saving their son's life from cancer. Pankaj works in a private company and has exhausted all his savings. If they stop now, then the cancer will relapse, and almost all hope will be lost. Donate, and help this family in these dire times. One small action from you could bring a lifetime of happiness for them.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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