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This 4-Year-Old Keeps Asking Her Parents Why She's Not Healthy Like Her Twin Brother

Why am I different from my brother?
She asks me with so much innocence in her voice and eyes that I… I can’t even lie. Visiting hospitals, feeling tired all the time and missing school very often... Her life is so different from her brother's, even though they are twins.

An entire year of suffering from an unknown cause

As a baby, Ananya started having frequent fevers and became very pale. It was only after consulting several doctors and running dozens of tests that she was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, a blood disease.

“She was just 6 months old when all of this started. It almost took an entire year to find out the cause and that whole time my baby suffered. She cried every night and became so dull. It was a very difficult period for us. We thought we would lose her but these blood transfusions kept her alive so far. Now, she's 4, and even those can’t help”

We have hope, but no money

Blood transfusions won’t help her anymore. She only has one hope left, a bone marrow transplant. Her twin Arnav is the donor, but the parents can’t afford the transplant.

“Whatever money we had, we already spent it on Ananya’s transfusions. Where will I get 9 lakh rupees more? If anything happens to her, I will not be able to forgive myself and my family won't be able to bear it either. We all beg you to save her.”

Despite having land of his own, he works on others' fields for extra income

“I am a farmer. I work on my field and then go to other’s field for work. I don’t know what else to do. Every penny is so important for us right now that... that I am ready to do any kind of work that my body can bear, anything.”

Ananya used to laugh her heart out and make everyone around her smile, but her smile will soon fade if her parents don't do anything. She cannot survive even for a month without the transplant. It is her only chance at survival and you can help.