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Forced To Take Their Baby Home From Hospital Without A Transplant, These Parents Beg For Help

"We have taken a big risk on our child's life - she is so sick but we have taken her back home. But what else could we have done? We don't have the money to afford the liver transplant that can save my baby. I feel extremely guilty and it is painful to watch her suffer. Her itching got so worse that we had to shave off her hair - she is getting critical with every passing day. But there is nothing that we can do besides watching her cry helplessly, " - Jaya Shri, mother

It is not just the disease but also our poverty that is killing her

Baby Aksahra is now under heavy medication but it is not helping her. She is still in pain - heavy dosage of medicines are making her extremely weak and her stomach is bloating. A liver transplant is the only solution to her disease. Her mother is donating her liver but the cost of the transplant is beyond their means. The poor parents, Jaya Shri and Ramakrishnan, unable to afford the food and rent in Hyderabad, have come back to their hometown. She can get the transplant only after they arrange for the huge sum of money that is completely beyond their means. 

She hasn't had a single night's sleep, her condition is getting worse

Baby Akshara was born with jaundice, she recovered in a few weeks. When her parents, Jaya Shri and Ramakrishnan, finally brought her home, little did they know that their baby would get recurrent jaundice. They took her to many hospitals in their hometown Kurnool but it did not help. Fever and jaundice simply refused to go away. One day she would seem normal but the very next day she fell sick.  It was only in Hyderabad they found that she has a liver disease.

"In these 8 months, she has hardly had a peaceful night's sleep. She sleeps for less than 15 mins. The itching started with her hands but now it has spread to her whole body. She vomits all that she eats. She cannot even express her pain, she cries uncontrollably. " -Jaya Shri

Jaya and Ramakrishnan are daily wagers earning Rs 350 together per day. Jaya has stopped going for work now, and their income is barely enough for their food. They are struggling to save their only child, your contribution can help this baby survive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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