Every Minute's Delay Is Making This 2-Year-Old Even More Critical, She Needs A Heart Surgery Now | Milaap
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Every Minute's Delay Is Making This 2-Year-Old Even More Critical, She Needs A Heart Surgery Now

Tarun breaks down mid-sentence if you ask him how his 2-year-old is doing now. He still can’t come to terms with the fact that she needs an immediate heart surgery to survive. He is anxious, he is upset but most of all he is angry because he knows that even if he works round the clock, he wouldn’t be able to afford this life-saving surgery for his daughter, Akshana.

Baby Akshana has holes in her heart - she can’t breathe properly. A surgery at the earliest is the only hope for her.

There are beads of sweat on her face even when she is feeding

Akshana is too weak to even feed. She gets tired very soon and as a result, she stays hungry.
“Her stomach is hardly ever full, so she keeps crying the entire time. She is 2-years-old but weighs only 5 kgs!  Night after night she doesn’t sleep due to the pain and discomfort. You tell me how can a child sleep on an empty stomach?” - Priya, mother.

Akshana was discharged from the NICU after 3 days of stay. The new parents were overjoyed. Finally, their prayers were answered - they were able to take their newborn home. But she kept falling sick - fever, cough and cold became a regular scene for her. Tarun and Priya used to take her for regular check-ups until one day she became serious.

Akshana became unconscious while Priya was giving her a bath.

What followed was several visits to the hospital and a series of tests that informed the worried parents about their child’s congenital heart disease.

With every passing minute, I fear that we are losing her little by little

Tarun works as a supplier to different industries near Jalandhar. What he earns on a monthly basis is not a lot but it’s enough for his small family. At least it was, until they got to know about Akshana’s condition. The surgery would cost them about 3.5 lakhs and Tarun has already exhausted all his savings. 


“Everyday I see her in so much pain and I think I am failing her. The surgery is her only cure but how will I afford that? She is our only child - I want to see her healthy and happy. Please help me,” - begs Tarun with tears in his eyes.

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