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She Believes That Getting Blood From A Hospital Is Completely Normal

We were scared of having our daughter get big surgeries like transplants. But as she underwent blood transfusions twice a month, we realised that this was dangerous as well. There are high chances of her catching deadly infections from the blood, if we’re unlucky. A bone-marrow transplant is the only way to give her a good life.” – Azhar, father

Aiza was born with a rare disorder and she needs blood to live

When Aiza was 6-months-old, she became very sick and was diagnosed with thalessemia major. This means, she can only live and function if her body is supported by blood transfusions. Aiza believes that going to the hospital every two weeks and getting blood is completely normal. It is all she has known since birth.

“We had never even heard of a condition like this. But when our baby was diagnosed with it, we learnt to cope and do what needs to be done. Even now, we try to act very normal for Aiza. We tell her we’re going out and everything is fine. She is used to needles piercing her skin. But if she gets the surgery, then she will really be saved.” – Azhar

Merely an autorickshaw driver, he's doing everything possible for his daughter to undergo surgery

Azhar lives in Nagpur with his wife and two children. His older son Arhan is 11-years-old and is a perfect match to donate his stem cells for Aiza’s bone-marrow transplant. This is a very fortunate situation for Aiza. With her brother’s stem cells, her own body can kick-start normal blood production. That is, if her parents are able to arrange for the treatment.

“If I get regular work, I earn 7,000 to 8,000 rupees in a month. And who keeps count of how much we spend on our children’s hospital bills? But we must have spent lakhs on Aiza’s health checkups and tests by now. Arranging for the surgery is beyond our means, but we have to keep trying to make it happen.” – Azhar

You can help this father save his child from suffering

Due this condition, Aiza is small and underweight for her age. With time, the regular blood transfusions will become deadly for her. Her parents worry about her contracting COVID-19 and other dangerous infections, and have decided to send her to school only after she becomes healthy after a bone marrow transplant. The most important thing now is to arrange for it as soon as possible.

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Patient Aiza Fatima Sayyad is 6 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Cims Hospital, Ahmedabad

Receiving treatment for Thalassemia major

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