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10-Month-Old’s Failing Liver Is Causing His Body to Shut Down, He Needs Urgent Transplant

“He was so small when I first held him in my arms, I felt like my heart would burst from happiness. We had picked out so many names for him, but suddenly, none of them were quite befitting. It was only when we found out about his condition that my mother insisted on naming him Adideb, after Lord Vishnu. ‘He is God’s gift to us, and God will protect him’, she had told us. He has made it this far, and is still fighting bravely. I only wish for his pain to be eased soon, but I’m struggling to save him.” - Palash, father

He had to undergo an urgent surgery to rectify his blocked bile ducts

Only days after his birth, Sharmila and Palash noticed that little Adideb had been having trouble passing urine, which was uncommon in newborns. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where they learned that his bilirubin levels were higher than normal and Adideb was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia.

“They told us that there was a blockage in his bile ducts, and insisted that he undergo Kasai surgery as soon as possible, or the problem could get out of hand. It was an expensive procedure, but after shuffling through several hospitals, our son was finally able to undergo the surgery in a bigger hospital in Delhi. We thought that it would be the end of all our troubles, but little did we know it was just the beginning…” - Palash

She can’t help but blame herself for her child’s suffering

“A few months before I was due, I was tested positive for COVID-19. I had been so terrified that something would happen to my baby. But, by God’s Grace, I had a smooth recovery and was able to give birth without any problems. Then, we were told that our baby had liver disease and I couldn’t help but blame myself. Had I been more careful, then maybe, just maybe, my baby wouldn’t be suffering like this…” - Sharmila, mother

They almost lost him once, now his life is hangs on the hope of a liver transplant

Post-surgery, he had been doing well for the most part, despite his condition being extremely fragile. But it wasn’t long before Adideb’s health began to worsen again, and in May, he had to be rushed to the hospital in a critical state.

He had to remain in the ICU for over 3 weeks on a mechanical ventilator, because he was struggling to breathe on his own. Tests confirmed that the little boy suffers from liver disease and has multiple organ failure. Now, the little one's only option at survival is a liver transplant, and he needs it at the earliest or he could succumb to his illness.

“He was in a dangerous situation and they told me my child wouldn’t survive for more than an hour that day. But he fought through it, and survived. He’s still here with us, and I can save him. The doctors have assured me that my son can live a normal life with a liver transplant and my wife has even been matched as his donor But I just don’t have the money to afford it.” - Palash

Adideb’s family hails from a small town, some 160 kms away from Kolkata, where his father makes a living working at a mobile repair shop. His monthly income is barely enough to get them by, affording his son’s transplant is just beyond his means. He’s spent everything he has, borrowed from relatives and friends and even sold all their valuables. But it’s still not enough.

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Patient Adideb Panja is 8 months old, living in Medinipur, West Bengal
Being treated in Rela Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver transplant

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