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5-Year-Old Who Lost Movement In Her Hands And Legs Will Lose Her Life To Pneumonia Without Urgent Treatment

“For Ajit and me,  Abhisikta’s birth meant happiness, but for her it only meant misery. Her sufferings started when she was just 3-days-old. After several surgeries and powerful medicines, we finally thought she would start walking. One day while walking, she suddenly fell down and injured her neck severely. Since then, my little girl can’t even breathe properly and her limbs have stopped responding.” Bipasha, Abhisikta’s mother.

This little-girl has been admitted to PICU regularly and her pain seems to be never-ending

When Bipasha held her little baby for the first time, her joy knew no bound. But very soon her happiness was shattered. After 2 days of taking a healthy baby home, they were terrified to see her swollen stomach.
“When she was just 3 days old, her stomach was swollen so big and she wasn’t even feeding.  While I was waiting for her to smile, she started to cry in pain uncontrollably. We were shcoked to find out that she has a hole in her food pipe. At the 4th day of her birth, she was given 18 bottles of blood.”

Instead of getting better with time, Abhisikta's condition is deteriorating 

Little  Abhisikta’s sufferings didn’t end there. She has quadriparesis, a condition where there is partial loss of functioning in all the four limbs. When she was barely 2, Bipasha noticed that her baby girl couldn’t even lift a pencil. She couldn’t walk properly either. Bipasha knew something wasn’t right.

“It took us a while before we could know that my little girl is suffering from something so terrible. Even after several tests and scans, we failed to figure out why her left limbs were less functional. She was given nerve medicines. Instead of getting better, even her right limbs stopped responding. Since then, we have been forced to see our princess just lie on the bed, motionless.”

The parents didn’t know that they would have to pay such a heavy price for trying to make their child walk

Bipasha and Ajit have tried to keep a very strong front. They have left no stone unturned to ensure that Abhisikta grows up to be a healthy baby. After operations and expensive injections, she was given physiotherapy so that she at least learns to walk.

“I shouldn’t have forced her to walk that day. When the physiotherapist came, she kept telling us that it is painful. We knew that it’s very difficult for her to walk, but we thought she just didn’t want to try. Unexpectedly, she fell down and hurt her neck badly. I sometimes think that it’s all my fault. I can’t even do anything to take her pain away.”

Abhisikta is so critical that even a small infection can kill her

Since this accident, Abhisikta can only cry in pain. She is completely motionless. She has softening of the spinal cord which is adding on to her pain. Just when the parents thought her bad times are over, she is again in the PICU with severe pneumonia. Bipasha has lost her sleep fearing that she will lose her daughter to pneumonia.

“My husband works in a small shop and he barely manages to earn Rs 6,000 per month. With the increasing tension every day, my husband has fallen very sick and I am here alone taking care of our daughter. We have no one else to turn for help. I'm scared that I might lose her.”

 Even at the cost of her own health, this mother is willing to go to any extent to save her child

Bipasha has never left her daughter alone even for a second. The only times she had to leave her when Bipasha had to be admitted to the hospital. She has been admitted to the hospital thrice. The tension of saving her only child and arranging the money is killing her.

How you can help

5-year-old Abhisikta is suffering from a disease which has left her limbs motionless. Spending Rs 15,000 per day has left Ajit exhausted. Now, he has to spend almost 30 times his income every day. Little Abhisikta has to stay in the PICU for her pneumonia. Without the urgent medical care, the parents can lose her at any moment. The cost required to save her now is Rs 5 lakhs and the parents have nothing left to save her.

Your support can help this little child survive

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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