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They Almost Lost Him At Birth, Now These Parents Have 24 Hours To Save Their 7-Month-Old Baby

“He didn’t have a heartbeat. The doctors said my baby might not be alive. At that moment, I thought I had lost him even before he came into this world. But Aahan made it, we even took him home. 4 days later, we found out his heart was failing,” – Harpreet, mother
Baby Aahan couldn’t have surgery then because he was not old enough. Along with the medicines he had to take every day, Harpreet and Pradeep took baby Ahaan to the temple every weekend to pray for his long life. Unfortunately, baby Aahan’s condition only got worse. He now needs a surgery in 24 hours to survive his heart disease.

The little one gets breathless within seconds of feeding

Aahan couldn’t feed without getting breathless and sweating. He would often vomit even the little he drank. He was just 4-days-old when his parents found out he has two holes in his heart. Aahan had to gain weight to get surgery. Aahan is 6 kgs, he can get the surgery now.

Because of his heart disease, he now has bleeding in his lungs. They took him to the ICU yesterday. He needs the surgery within 24 hours. I’m not very educated, I don’t understand much of what the doctors are saying, what exactly is wrong with my baby. All I know is that his life is in danger.” - Harpreet

His father sold his motorcycle to start his treatment, but it’s not enough

Pradeep works in a small shop and earns Rs. 8,000 per month. Before bringing him from Phagwara to Delhi, Pradeep sold his motorcycle to be able to start baby Aahan’s treatment. He got 1 lakh for it, but it’s not enough. Baby Aahan needs 3 lakhs for his heart surgery. 

“We even sold the little jewellery my wife had for his earlier tests. In the past 7 months alone, we’ve spent all our savings and more, but even then it’s not enough to save Aahan. There’s nothing else we can do. We don’t have any family or friends in Delhi, we have no one to help us.” - Pradeep, father

You can help save their only child

Harpreet and Pradeep now sleep on the floor of the hospital, hardly eat anything and beg every one they know for help – all to save their only child. Baby Aahan can survive with surgery, but his parents can’t afford it. They need your help.

Baby Aahan is only 7-months-old and is in a world of pain. His heart will fail without your help. He needs the surgery in 24 hours.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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