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These Parents Who Get To See Their 5-month-old Baby Only For 15 Minutes A Day Need Your Help

Nagaraju has cooked in over 100 weddings till now. He has fed thousands over the years, but today, he has no food to eat. His wife, Pravalika and him have been skipping meals for nearly a month now – all to save their 5-month-old baby who is fighting not one, but three medical conditions in the ICU.

Gagan’s heart is failing, he has pneumonia and he has seizures 3-4 times a day. He’s in so much pain but we can’t even stay with him for more than 15 minutes in the ICU. He’s struggling all alone.” – Nagaraju, father

His night long cries were not because of hunger, but the pain of his failing heart

Nagaraju and Pravalika haven’t gone home ever since baby Gagan was rushed to Hyderabad from Kurnool in an ambulance one month ago. They stay in the hospital, visiting their baby once a day, but they can’t stay there for long. Baby Gagan’s condition is now critical.

“He was a healthy baby until 2 months ago. He started having difficulty while breathing and would cry all night. Even carrying him did not comfort him. We were told it was a lung infection, but one day his lips and fingers turned blue. He could not breathe.”

The worried parents soon learnt that their baby was turning blue because his heart was not pumping blood as it should. He also has severe pneumonia. Baby Gagan needs to stay in the ICU longer to survive this.

Nagaraju can’t afford Rs. 30,000 per day on no income

Baby Gagan’s medical expenses are only piling up. Nagaraju has not gone to work in one month. Away from home, with no income, he is struggling to save his son. Nagaraju would earn 400 rupees per day when he would cook for a wedding. Baby Gagan’s daily ICU expenses are nearly 30,000 per day.

“With every passing day, it’s getting more difficult for me to afford his treatment. We were able to spend 6 lakhs on his treatment so far with help from our relatives, but there’s only so much I can borrow from them. I tell them I’ll pay them back once I start working, but they are daily wagers like me too.”

The baby’s long painful struggle can end with your help

Baby Gagan needs to stay in the ICU for longer to survive. He is only 5-months-old. He should be in his parents warm embrace, waking up to their voices instead of the beeping of the machines in the ICU. He can go home with your help, but Nagaraju and Pravalika are helpless. They need your help to save their only child. 

Baby Gagan can have a chance of a healthy childhood, but a dire lack of funds stands in his way. You can help save him.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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