An Accidental Fire Has Left This 1-Year-Old’s Body And Face Completely Burnt | Milaap
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An Accidental Fire Has Left This 1-Year-Old’s Body And Face Completely Burnt

Hanvika and her mother were performing their daily pooja and the prasadam  (devotional offering) was kept beside the oil lamp. When Sushmitha carried Hanvika to the kitchen, she slipped from her tight grip and ran into the pooja room before her mother could stop her. While Hanvika was trying to take the prasadam, the lamp fell on her clothes. Before her mother knew it, she was up in flames. Though Sushmitha put the fire off with a bucket of water, the damage was already done.
I regret every second to let her slip from my arms. If I had held her little more tightly she wouldn't have been fighting for her life now. It’s all my fault,” - said Sushmitha, with teary eyes.

‘I can never forgive myself if anything happens to my child’

“More than half of my baby’s body was burnt in an accident. Her tiny body is in excruciating pain. She cries day and night with terrible pain and at times, her eyes swell so much that she cannot even open them. She falls asleep only when she exhausts all her energy,” - Sushmitha.

Little Hanvika is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit. She underwent multiple surgeries to cover the wounds, yet her condition is very critical. Only intensive treatment in the ICU can help her survive the deep wounds. But, the poor parents cannot save their baby without help.

She was left untreated for nearly 4 hours 

“My husband and I rushed her to a local hospital on a two wheeler. She was uncontrollably crying in pain in my arms. A couple of hospitals turned us away as the burns were too serious. Next hospital was 20 kms away and I thought my daughter would die in my arms. Though she made it this far, her life is still in danger,” - Sushmitha.

'Her tiny body is completely covered with bandages and even my slight touch can hurt her'

Hanvika has 60% burns. Front portion of her body is completely burnt - hands, legs, thighs, trunk, shoulders and right side of her face. Her suffering doesn’t end with burns alone, severe pneumonia is making it worse for her. She can only breathe with external support. 

Hanvika with her brother, playing with a new toy

'My daughter who everyone's favourite is now bedridden'

“We stay in a joint family. Being the youngest among all the children she is the most pampered kid. We always enjoyed her naughty acts. Now, the children miss their little sister. Whenever I visit home they ask for her. But how do I tell them if we don’t get help on time, we may lose her forever?” - Sushmitha.

With zero savings this family cannot save baby Hanvika

Rakesh and his family stays in Budvel village which is 17 kms away from Hyderabad. He travels daily to work from his hometown to Kukatpally, Hyderabad to work. He works at a four wheeler service centre and earns only Rs 13,500 per month, with which he manages the household. With zero savings in hand he cannot afford the treatment that costs 7 lakhs.

“I’ve borrowed huge amount to save my little one, but it is not enough. I have exhausted all my resources and my baby is on the brink of death. Without ICU stay she will not survive, please help me,” - Rakesh.

The pain Hanvika is going through is unimaginable. This little one cannot live without intensive treatment in the ICU. Only your kind contribution can save her life.

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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