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One-Year-Old Hamsika Can Only Be Saved With A Liver Transplantation , She Needs Our Help

This is baby Hamsika. After 10 long years, she and her twin sister were born to her parents.  But they are not lucky to have her at home. She is suffering from a liver disease which is damaging her liver every day. She can be saved if her parents can arrange funds for a liver transplant.

Jaundice is very common among newborns but it turned fatal for Hamsika

The happiness of this couple had no bounds when they got to know they are blessed with twins. Their prayers were answered. One of the twins, Hamsika, was suffering from jaundice but doctors assured them that it's common for a newborn and she will be fine within 21 days. She was on the ventilator for a day just after birth and after 7 days they took the two little angels home.

"Our family was complete, our parents were finally accepting us after seeing the smiling faces of our children. They weren't happy about our decision to get married but everything changed after our children came into our lives.


The first procedure to cure her was unsuccessful

Hamsika’s condition started deteriorating few days after she went home. Her parents took her to a local hospital where they gave her some vitamin supplements. Hamsika’s condition did not improve at all. After moving around different hospitals she was brought to Bangalore where they found out that she is suffering from Biliary Atresia.

They went forward with Kasai procedure as recommended by the doctor. She was fine for a few days but her mother noticed Hamsika was turning yellow again. Within a month she had lost her appetite completely, her stomach was swollen and she had trouble relieving herself. Her parents took her to the hospital immediately where they got to know, Kasai procedure was unsuccessful and now the only way is a liver transplant.

We have waited so long for a child, and now we cannot lose her

Prathap- is the only earning member with a monthly income of Rs.10,000. His wife left the job after pregnancy. They have already spent around 10 Lakhs for treatment to conceive. Now they are totally drained of money. They have no savings left for her treatment.

We have taken loans for Hamsika’s treatment till now. But everything is in vain if we cannot arrange for my child’s liver transplant. We cannot afford such expensive treatment. It breaks my heart to leave my other daughter with my relatives and come to Bangalore for her treatment. All our efforts will be meaningless if we cannot save her.

How You Can Help

Hamsika needs a liver transplant which would cost around 15.5lakhs. They cannot afford such an expensive treatment without help. Hamsika is suffering from the very first day of birth. It’s a year since they are only visiting hospitals for her treatment. The family needs your help to come out of this trouble and save Hamsika's life.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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